Monday, June 30, 2008

humilation sluts

Mmmm there is nothing hotter then having a slave beg to be used by yours truely as I humiliate them and let them know what a piece of shit they are, a complete and utter waste of space in my opinion. This particular sissy david hehehehe was even more of a mashocist then I usually get. It was so much fun to use and abuse this slut, as it was no limits. I started with spitting on it, making him run around in circles oinking like a pig, and of course pay me for the privlage. I also made him tribute my beautiful friend Hazumu for her taking the time to kick it in the ribs. After I made the slut get even more linden after tormenting it at the club I ended up taking him back to my temple where I humiliated and degraded it even more. Ahhhhhh I love humiliation sluts. They are so much fun to torment, and of course its helpful to be able to have an outlet for your agressions. Provided you stay safe, sane and consensual or you practice Risk Aware Consensual Non Consent. Mmmmmm this took my total from this slut to a cool 7k tonight. I look forward to wallet raping this piggie again soon.

I decided to update my look. So in skin hunting I found a more relaxed skin, and of course one that makes me look like the complete predatory bitch I am. New photos are to follow soon. Mmmm in the meantime here is one I just took at my friends club. Enjoy sluts!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

mindfucks are us!

I absolutely love mindfucks! So today when I got a chance to mindfuck a hapless pay piggie I was all over it. I decided he needed to translate I am a worthless loser in protogues and french, then type it in chat ten times. NO copy and pasting. To make it even more impossible I made him tell me what a worthless loser he was six times, then added ten more times on top of it. Taunting him with tick tock, tick tock time is wasting away loser! Hahahahahahahahahah I was laughing so hard as I watched him delighted when he failed and was completey under my control. SO that makes a tribute of 1700 from useme, purrrrs.wallet ivar is continuing to grow under my guidence, when he logged on yesterday he was hard at work earning lindens to pay his weekly tribute of 5k. This brings his total up to 37000 linden. I am so proud of you my sweet wallet! I am very delighted with his progress in his manners, and the way he talks to others, his ettiqute is improving as well as his communication with me. I am looking foward to seeing him blossom even more under my firm strict hand.The club is almost open, Goddess Noor has been hard at work putting up the building, the skyboxes and of course finding girls to hire. When we have the grand opening I expect all of my slaves to come show her how much you appreciate her hard work by lots of tips to the dancers and of course donations for the land. I will even be there to tantalize and tease you as I dance on stage, I am sure you will fall prey to my hypnotic beauty, and cruel laughterLipstick and SpanksMistress Katanzia

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Can Femdom and Financial Slavery

Co exsist? I belive they can. Many seem to think that if money changes hands between a Domme and a sub or slave that automatically makes her a prostitue. This is not so. I do not have sex with my slaves, I do not find any of them worthy of that privelage expecially because most of them are men and I am a lesbian. You can practice financial slavery and be a Femdom. You can also practice financial slavery responsibly if you will. Yes I admit it I am a narsissistic bitch. This does not mean I will compeltely bankrupt you and then toss you aside. I like to milk my slaves slowly. I enjoy the daily moulding of thier minds. I enjoy the daily interaction with them that brings them closer to me and even more devoted.I do care for my slaves, I appreciate thier devotion, and I appreciate thier eagerness to please. I am not a sociopath. I do not want to ruin thier lives, or make them bankrupt. I am however very demanding and I demand a high level of service to be considered mine. I do not collar or accept ownership of any random sub or slave that crosses my path. I must have fetishes in common, and I also must know that they will serve me fully and completely to the best of thier ability. If you think you can do this, I look forward to hearing from you. Remember there will be some level of financial slavery along with any slave I take on. Not because I need thier money or i rely on it to pay my bills. More because I belive money is power in this world, by handing over your money you are handing over power to me. However this will never be beyond what you can give me.On another note I am very pleased with wallet ivar again. I had a bad day so I decided to take myself shopping. He asked to come with me so I allowed him this privlage. I am glad I did I was looking for a pair of pink boots, and he decided he wanted to give them to me. we had to buy them twice because I messed up the first pair, but he paid for it a second time, even though I had not asked that of him. I have to say it cheered me up after having a horrible day. He is very special to my my wallet he is. I am going to have to see if I can find that photo I promised him on the disks I had some stuff backed up on. Here is a photo of those boots aren't they adorable? I am so started to like the color pink. I find it interesting I am gothic, and I normally wear black and red, red and black yet I find my wardrobe getting the odd pink item. Mmmm is pink the new black?Lipstick and SpanksMistress Jayde

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Its my way or NOTHING

This was learned the hard way by slut vincent today. He thought that paying me 3k would be enough to see me on cam. AS IF! I told him he could start with that to prove his devotion, and be on his way to possibly earning cam in rl. My wallet is my top pay piggie and he has not earned that privlage yet. However I have told him that he will be able to next week should he continue to show his devotion and keep up with his tributes. I am very pleased with his training. I aquired a new slave yesterday as well. He has adopted a weekly bill and will be put to work as a sissy slut for my gain of course. Such a lucky sissy that one is! I will be posting some new photos later with another blog entry. For now I am busy at work. Come see me in sl. Just search for Platinum Escort Club. Maybe if your lucky I will be working.Lipstick and spanksMistress Katanzia Mckenna

Monday, June 23, 2008

Suck my strap on bitch!

Yesterday was a very lucrative day for your Goddess. wallet ivar paid his weekly tribute of 5000 linden on time. I have to say I am pleased with him. This brings the total I have wallet raped from my wallet to 32000 linden. This is only within a week and a half! Evil smile. Oooo I am good! slut seagram is still as addicted as ever. He paid 6000 linden for a strap on session. Mmmm I had fun letting him know what a useless waste of space he was. Here are aphoto of our session. This little slut begs and begs to be used by a strong lesbian Domme. Its so pathetic I get a total kick out of it. I even use a nice pink strap on. I love the color pink! Its the most powerful color in the world in my opinon. I have been hard at work getting the new club and my temple set up. I will have it ready to unvail sometime this week I am thinking. As we get this set up we are seeking sissy sluts to dance in the club for our gain of course. There will be a few surprises for you piggies who can show us the level of devotion we require, however so that no one can steal our ideas I am going to keep you waiting. I am sure your just drooling at the thought of what that might be. I know you wish you were here at my feet as I continue to work on things and set up my temple. Purrrrr never fear loser I will have you under my feet trapped in my web in no time. So lets review how much I have taken from you sluts so far.

32000 linden from wallet ivar10000 linden from slut seagram3000 linden from slut neil
Making a grand total of 45000 linden in less then two weeks! This is not enough however, I am always greedy and craving more. So get to paying sluts I have an entier empire to build and I am determined it will be paid for on your money!
wallet ivar where he belongs. Under my boots

Friday, June 20, 2008

Admit it slave, you crave my presence. you cannot stop yourself from begging to give me everything you have. To bask in my cruel laughter as you cower at my feet praying to be allowed to worship the very ground I walk upon. your just aching to gaze upon my gorgous face. To be reminded by my seductive voice that your nothing more then a wallet to me. Telling you casually that you will never be anything more to me then a mindless drone to feed my narsissitic greed. as you kneel in front of me my designer heel digging into your back, a smile upon my face as I watch your suffering I will draw you even deeper into my web. your will completely gone as I devour your soul. I beckon to you slave the siren of your distruction., come fall prey to my glamerous crulety.

Lipstick and spanks

Mistress Katanzia

Thursday, June 19, 2008

New temple coming soon!

A few of you have heard me talk about how I am going to start my own temple. I am pleased to say that plans are on the way to make this possible. I have some bills that need adopting to make all of my dreams of this temple a reality. The bills I will have up for weekly adoption are as follows. When these bills have been adopted I will put the lucky money pigs name next to them. Failure to keep up with your weekly bills will result in you being muted and banished from my world. Get to adopting piggies, I detest being made to wait.

Rent - 7000 linden a week
Clothing - 2000 linden a week
Shoes - 1000 linden a week
Hair - 1000 linden a week
Advertising - 2000 linden a week
Latex/Leather - 1000- sissy sidrick
Jewelry - 1000 linden a week
Bra/panties (Lingere) - 1000 a week
Bikini - 1000 linden a week
Corsets - 1000 linden a week
Costumes - 1000 linden a week
Furniture - 1000 linden a week
Masturbation tax 1000 linden whenever you dare to jerk off to my photos
wallet ivar is even more addicted. he spends every moment of his time with me that I allow. Such a lucky paypet he is. he even left me a little love note on my rl blog. I was so amused by it that I thought I would post it here. I know he will be eagerly awaiting my post.
Hello Mistress , i am honoured that You allowed me as Your wallet. For people who think i picked just a Mistress to give Her my money, that is not treu. This beautifull Lady earned it to be spoiled. The first time i met Her, She got into my head bit by bit. Not only in SL, but maybe much more in RL. And now She controls my mind. I am trapped into Her web. And….. i am happy with that. Spending my money to Her, feels naturaly. What else should i do with my money. I dont need nothing, i am nothing, in compare to Her. Please Mistress take my mind and my money. I adore and worship You! I know am a sub, but maybe i can be Your slave later. Thank You again, (my) Mistress. Your dutch slave Ed (Ivar)
after reading my wallets comment I decided to allow him the privelage of sending me a weekly tribute of 5000 linden. MMMM I am wet at the control I have over my wallet. That I am able to manipulate him and control him so completely.I have some new slave positions to fill . I am seeking sissy slaves to be transformed and put to work. Of course you will be sending me every penny as a slave has no need for money other then to spoil, pamper, and feed the greed of his Mistress, isn't that right sluts? If you feel you can handle high expectations and feed my insatiable greed, you may im me for a landmark to my temple. However be prepared to work hard for even a moment of my time as I am very hard to impress.I will leave you with this thought. I am starting this temple with my lovely Goddess friends, Noor, Ambra, and Lili you will show them the same respect you show me. I will not tolerate anything less.Lipstick and SpanksMistress Katanzia Mckenna

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Welcome to my web

After coming back to secondlife this past week I have decided to extend my real life interests into secondlife. The biggest one being namely financial slavery. So far I have to say I am having a wonderful time. My first victim is wallet Ivar. This slave is so addicted he first started with a tribute of 1000 linden after wanting me dance in the club. It was so much fun tormenting this slut as I was dancing in the club, he has a weakness for high heeled boots. Which of course was no problem because I have a lovely selection of boots. So after talking with this wallet for a few days he got very addicted to the thought of being MY wallet. Which of course I enjoy. We started with him loading up his wallet to the tune of 15,000 linden. Of course I went through this in no time with clothes from curious kitties, canimal, and hair from cake. From there we went back and loaded up his wallet again with another 10,000 linden. This was quickly spent at cake, moody's stilletos (which are very expensive. around 1000 linden a pair of shoes. I bought six) this Goddess has expensive tastes. Nothing but the best will do for me. Going back to the club I tried on the various outfits and allowed him to take photos. Lucky little wallet that he is.He made me a wonderful photo as we were standing making fun of him, and Hussy was shocking him so much that he continued to fall over and look as pathetic as usual. I had a wonderful laugh as I watched him fall over and lie there like the pathetic lump of flesh he is. After this of course I was done with him so I allowed him to go to bed and and went about my day. The next day of course he was back talking to me all day long, and of course today was even more fun. I cleaned out his wallet to the tune of 1100 linden. Making the total I have taken from this poor slut 27100 lindens. Oooo I am good. Of course he is not my only slut I have drained. I also had a new slut segrame pay me 4000 linden to be fucked by my big pink strap on. Such a lucky he slut he is. Of course the whole time I let him know that his place was to be fucked by a Superior woman such as myself and that he would NEVER be allowed to use that pathetic lump of flesh between his legs with me or any other woman for that matter. What made this even sweeter is that I have been using the outfits I purchased with wallet ivar to lure even more slaves into my web. Here is one last photo to torment you with my new look. Have fun drooling sluts. Of course be sure not to touch yourself while your looking, you have not earned that privelage yet.