Monday, June 30, 2008

humilation sluts

Mmmm there is nothing hotter then having a slave beg to be used by yours truely as I humiliate them and let them know what a piece of shit they are, a complete and utter waste of space in my opinion. This particular sissy david hehehehe was even more of a mashocist then I usually get. It was so much fun to use and abuse this slut, as it was no limits. I started with spitting on it, making him run around in circles oinking like a pig, and of course pay me for the privlage. I also made him tribute my beautiful friend Hazumu for her taking the time to kick it in the ribs. After I made the slut get even more linden after tormenting it at the club I ended up taking him back to my temple where I humiliated and degraded it even more. Ahhhhhh I love humiliation sluts. They are so much fun to torment, and of course its helpful to be able to have an outlet for your agressions. Provided you stay safe, sane and consensual or you practice Risk Aware Consensual Non Consent. Mmmmmm this took my total from this slut to a cool 7k tonight. I look forward to wallet raping this piggie again soon.

I decided to update my look. So in skin hunting I found a more relaxed skin, and of course one that makes me look like the complete predatory bitch I am. New photos are to follow soon. Mmmm in the meantime here is one I just took at my friends club. Enjoy sluts!