Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Its my way or NOTHING

This was learned the hard way by slut vincent today. He thought that paying me 3k would be enough to see me on cam. AS IF! I told him he could start with that to prove his devotion, and be on his way to possibly earning cam in rl. My wallet is my top pay piggie and he has not earned that privlage yet. However I have told him that he will be able to next week should he continue to show his devotion and keep up with his tributes. I am very pleased with his training. I aquired a new slave yesterday as well. He has adopted a weekly bill and will be put to work as a sissy slut for my gain of course. Such a lucky sissy that one is! I will be posting some new photos later with another blog entry. For now I am busy at work. Come see me in sl. Just search for Platinum Escort Club. Maybe if your lucky I will be working.Lipstick and spanksMistress Katanzia Mckenna