Saturday, June 28, 2008

mindfucks are us!

I absolutely love mindfucks! So today when I got a chance to mindfuck a hapless pay piggie I was all over it. I decided he needed to translate I am a worthless loser in protogues and french, then type it in chat ten times. NO copy and pasting. To make it even more impossible I made him tell me what a worthless loser he was six times, then added ten more times on top of it. Taunting him with tick tock, tick tock time is wasting away loser! Hahahahahahahahahah I was laughing so hard as I watched him delighted when he failed and was completey under my control. SO that makes a tribute of 1700 from useme, purrrrs.wallet ivar is continuing to grow under my guidence, when he logged on yesterday he was hard at work earning lindens to pay his weekly tribute of 5k. This brings his total up to 37000 linden. I am so proud of you my sweet wallet! I am very delighted with his progress in his manners, and the way he talks to others, his ettiqute is improving as well as his communication with me. I am looking foward to seeing him blossom even more under my firm strict hand.The club is almost open, Goddess Noor has been hard at work putting up the building, the skyboxes and of course finding girls to hire. When we have the grand opening I expect all of my slaves to come show her how much you appreciate her hard work by lots of tips to the dancers and of course donations for the land. I will even be there to tantalize and tease you as I dance on stage, I am sure you will fall prey to my hypnotic beauty, and cruel laughterLipstick and SpanksMistress Katanzia