Thursday, June 19, 2008

New temple coming soon!

A few of you have heard me talk about how I am going to start my own temple. I am pleased to say that plans are on the way to make this possible. I have some bills that need adopting to make all of my dreams of this temple a reality. The bills I will have up for weekly adoption are as follows. When these bills have been adopted I will put the lucky money pigs name next to them. Failure to keep up with your weekly bills will result in you being muted and banished from my world. Get to adopting piggies, I detest being made to wait.

Rent - 7000 linden a week
Clothing - 2000 linden a week
Shoes - 1000 linden a week
Hair - 1000 linden a week
Advertising - 2000 linden a week
Latex/Leather - 1000- sissy sidrick
Jewelry - 1000 linden a week
Bra/panties (Lingere) - 1000 a week
Bikini - 1000 linden a week
Corsets - 1000 linden a week
Costumes - 1000 linden a week
Furniture - 1000 linden a week
Masturbation tax 1000 linden whenever you dare to jerk off to my photos
wallet ivar is even more addicted. he spends every moment of his time with me that I allow. Such a lucky paypet he is. he even left me a little love note on my rl blog. I was so amused by it that I thought I would post it here. I know he will be eagerly awaiting my post.
Hello Mistress , i am honoured that You allowed me as Your wallet. For people who think i picked just a Mistress to give Her my money, that is not treu. This beautifull Lady earned it to be spoiled. The first time i met Her, She got into my head bit by bit. Not only in SL, but maybe much more in RL. And now She controls my mind. I am trapped into Her web. And….. i am happy with that. Spending my money to Her, feels naturaly. What else should i do with my money. I dont need nothing, i am nothing, in compare to Her. Please Mistress take my mind and my money. I adore and worship You! I know am a sub, but maybe i can be Your slave later. Thank You again, (my) Mistress. Your dutch slave Ed (Ivar)
after reading my wallets comment I decided to allow him the privelage of sending me a weekly tribute of 5000 linden. MMMM I am wet at the control I have over my wallet. That I am able to manipulate him and control him so completely.I have some new slave positions to fill . I am seeking sissy slaves to be transformed and put to work. Of course you will be sending me every penny as a slave has no need for money other then to spoil, pamper, and feed the greed of his Mistress, isn't that right sluts? If you feel you can handle high expectations and feed my insatiable greed, you may im me for a landmark to my temple. However be prepared to work hard for even a moment of my time as I am very hard to impress.I will leave you with this thought. I am starting this temple with my lovely Goddess friends, Noor, Ambra, and Lili you will show them the same respect you show me. I will not tolerate anything less.Lipstick and SpanksMistress Katanzia Mckenna