Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Welcome to my web

After coming back to secondlife this past week I have decided to extend my real life interests into secondlife. The biggest one being namely financial slavery. So far I have to say I am having a wonderful time. My first victim is wallet Ivar. This slave is so addicted he first started with a tribute of 1000 linden after wanting me dance in the club. It was so much fun tormenting this slut as I was dancing in the club, he has a weakness for high heeled boots. Which of course was no problem because I have a lovely selection of boots. So after talking with this wallet for a few days he got very addicted to the thought of being MY wallet. Which of course I enjoy. We started with him loading up his wallet to the tune of 15,000 linden. Of course I went through this in no time with clothes from curious kitties, canimal, and hair from cake. From there we went back and loaded up his wallet again with another 10,000 linden. This was quickly spent at cake, moody's stilletos (which are very expensive. around 1000 linden a pair of shoes. I bought six) this Goddess has expensive tastes. Nothing but the best will do for me. Going back to the club I tried on the various outfits and allowed him to take photos. Lucky little wallet that he is.He made me a wonderful photo as we were standing making fun of him, and Hussy was shocking him so much that he continued to fall over and look as pathetic as usual. I had a wonderful laugh as I watched him fall over and lie there like the pathetic lump of flesh he is. After this of course I was done with him so I allowed him to go to bed and and went about my day. The next day of course he was back talking to me all day long, and of course today was even more fun. I cleaned out his wallet to the tune of 1100 linden. Making the total I have taken from this poor slut 27100 lindens. Oooo I am good. Of course he is not my only slut I have drained. I also had a new slut segrame pay me 4000 linden to be fucked by my big pink strap on. Such a lucky he slut he is. Of course the whole time I let him know that his place was to be fucked by a Superior woman such as myself and that he would NEVER be allowed to use that pathetic lump of flesh between his legs with me or any other woman for that matter. What made this even sweeter is that I have been using the outfits I purchased with wallet ivar to lure even more slaves into my web. Here is one last photo to torment you with my new look. Have fun drooling sluts. Of course be sure not to touch yourself while your looking, you have not earned that privelage yet.