Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fabulously a living Goddess

Come be my living human art or my living doll. I am becoming very intereted in objectification. With the lovely gift of six bebista cages from sissy lexi, I have decided to start a living doll collection. So far I have three beautiful dolls encased in glass. My sissy lexi, sissy prissy and sissy linx. The dynamic it provides I have to admit is facinating. They all had a variety of reactions to being put up as a doll. First sissy lexi was so thrilled with me wanting to start a collection that she generously paid for all six cages at 1k a piece. Sissy prissy begged to be added to the collection just as she was and let me tell you it was halarious to just watch him standing there. He isdefinatly a humiliation and objectification slut. Purrrs. I still LOVE LOVE LOVE the real restraint viewer having that control over my sissy is so erotic. Sissy linx was so sweet about being put on display she was thrilled to be photographed in her glass cage in her beautiful maids outfit.

I did some new shopping yesterday for wonderful gowns to add to my collection because I have an obession with sweet elegance. Paired with a new skin, and hair the gowns make me look like a Fairy Goddess. So I have decided to play on that when I am not working on stage as a dancer. Its so lovely to run around and have people in awe of me the moment I walk into a room. That is how a Goddess should always be. Breathtakingly beautiful and awe inspiring. With devotion and love showing in the eyes of those slaves she holds dear and allows to be in her presence. Her mere gaze should inspire many emotions in her slaves ranging from love and adorationt to a delicous fear for those who wish to fear her crulety. Above all she should and will always be adored. Mmmm doesn't that sound delightful my darlings? To feel all those things at my hand? To know that you are proud to be of service to me and to show me how much you adore my presence and the privlage I have allowed you? Mmmm I am sure thats exactly how you wish to feel. So come join me, fall prey to my wickedly creative mind. Come... join me.

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Increasingly dissapointed

As I progress more and more into my lifestyle as a Domme in secondlife, I grow increalingly dissapointed with a few of the people I have come across. Namely the ones who think that is acceptable to attack and tear down anyone who stands in thier way. That is not what being a TRUE Dominate is about. Now I normally do not use the word true in this manner but I am increaslingly seeing why some do that. What saddens me the most is the sabatoge that people feel is ok to do. What does it matter what someone looks likes in RL? This is secondlife. And is just that A SECOND LIFE. Here you can shine if you are the right kind of person. Honestly some of the people who call themselves a dom sicken me. Some cannot keep thier words, others come across as psychotic and are ageplayers to boot. Which if I remember correctly is HIGHLY against the TOS. I wonder as I progress if I am ever going to be able to surround myself with people who understand what its really about to be a dominate. Even more so someone who understand what its about to be a Financial Sadist.

For those of you who do not understand what that is truely about I shall give you my opinion. For me its not about the money. Though I do love money, and it is very nice to have it, and to shop on your money of course. Its about the power, the control it affords me. The knowing you are sacrificing and scraping by to feed MY luxerious lifestyle. That you give it all to me out of adoration and the feeling that you want to be mine fully completely and always at my feet. A few slaves have mentioned to me that they cannot donate on the level that many of the slaves who have served have. This is not important. For me to take 5k from one slave who has far less then another slave, is akin to me taking 50k from another slave who has it to give. The one who has less to give is giving more to me by the fact that they are sacrificing more to give me then the slave who can throw away 50k without batting an eyelash. There are also other things about this lifestlye I enjoy. I enjoy the fact that I can explore and enjoy my life as I explore thier limits, and enjoy thier suffering. I find that not all slaves are the same either. Some wish to be treated as objects, some wish to be completely controled, others just simply enjoy pain, and humiliation. For many of them its all mental. And honestly its not about abuse. This is the biggest point I wanted to make. SLAVERY of any kind is NOT ABOUT ABUSE. Just because a sub wants to be treated as if they do not matter does not mean that is actually true. This may be a shock to a few of you who actually read my blog. But I do realize that there are living breathing humans behind thier avi. If you break them to far, or take them to far and you suddenly dissapear you are playing with thier life. I have seen a few slaves have a mental break down after something like this has happened. Or there are those who will literally leave a slave in debt and penniless. Yes great fantasy, not so great reality. They are no good to me penniless now are they? I truly wish that this lifestyle was not filled with fakes, and insta Dommes. It makes it hard for those of us who truly enjoy the lifestyle to enjoy themselves.

I also am increasingly dissapointed with so called Dommes who think its ok to attack others in the lifestyle. To be a Domme you have respect others who are also in the Dominate part of the lifestyle. Tearing down anyone who is more sucessfull then you or sabatoging them makes you seem like a petty child throwing a tantrum. It means you have no self control and think that financial slavery is all about GIMME GIMMIE GIMME. To many slaves who truely enjoy the lifestyle and are good tributers have become jaded because of idiots like this. Even non financial slaves have become jaded due to a Domme saying you will be my only one then not keeping thier word. Is this all I have to look forward to from my fellow Femdoms? I sure hope not. I hope that in exploring I find more Dommes who understand what it is truly about and who understand that you do not have to abuse the power you have simply because you have it. Learn some self control little girls, or you will fall to the wayside like everyone else who has tried to follow in the footsteps of a real woman.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Even more devoted sweetness

I am so delighted with her progress, and her devotion. I have decided to put a photo up that she made for me with a poem she wrote as well as a new photo of her new latex maids outfit. Its absolutely adorable!

Isn't that the sweetest poem ever written? I adore the fact that my sweet slaves are so devoted to me that they show it in very creative ways. I am also delighted to say that there will be a collaring ceremony held very soon it is all in the works! I am excited as I will be throwing one for my ivar, and I am planning a special suprise for my beautiful linx. Here is a photo of her I took today isn't she beautiful in her new maids outfit?

Such a sweet pet.

I asked my sweet wallet to write an essay on what it was to him to serve me., I am so touched by what he wrote that I thought I would share it with you. This is true devotion.

hello Mistress Katanzia You asked me, ordered me to write a essay about of what i think of You and how i see You, i will try to do my best. maybe i should begin how i came on SL, at that time i had contact with an dominant girl by chat (msn) and by phone. She discovered SL and wanted me to join. Well at that time, when i was invited i didnt had a good computer, so i had to wait to get me a new one. When i had one the contact with the girl was not that strong anymore, so i came in SL and she was disapeared form SL. we never where togethter on SL, that i found a pitty. As You know i have to dream to be a submissive guy, our maybe better said , i am a submissive boy. So when i appeared in SL i went looking for bdsm-places. And found (ofcourse) some. in two weeks i even had a Mistress in SL. togehter with her i put up her Club, not a bdsm one. but after i while i was only a people for her in her club. She gaved me no attention at All. and to be honoust i like to get some attention. Even if i am a nothing :). after a while i went away from her. and at a moment i discoverd the lovers playground. a playground the is managed by 3 Mistressses, and i felt that as my home, and i still do. there i met , and also in other places a few Mistress that became my Mistresses, some short time some times longer. but mostly it did not work out, mostly because i did not get the attention i found i needed. some times because the times we where online where different (timezones). and maybe i think because non of them had a place of their own. Till i met You. the first time i talked to You i knew i was not talking to just a girl who played to be dominant. No i was talking to a dominant girl. who know where She was talking about. and maybe the most important. You where honoust. when did we met?? one month , two months? well looks like a year....... when i went in SL i had a dream. to be submissive to a girl. i knew what it should look like, i had some experienxe in RL. but notimes was getting dominated the way it was in my dream. till we went shopping, wow, what a experience it was. i had nothing to tell. only to do. it felt fantastic. Sometimes i see You , wallet raping other slave, and i wish i could be him. but You learn me something. its not the way you have, but it is what you do. only paying makes You not submissive. You are i Girl, sorry a Lady a Mistress who knows who She is. think You have self knowledge, and You have feelings. well , You showed me sometimes, but You are always respectfull. Well maybe thats the most important word in even what sort of a relation. RESPECT... and i feel that in our combination. ofcourse You are the Mistress and i am the submissive, well wunder why i dont use the word slave. well i know i am the slave. but You treat me with respect, and make me feel submissive. that way You make me a better slave. and that is whats making You great. You know, You feel how to treat a person. thats a great gift.i am verry thankfull that i met You, and that i became Your slave. but think also a friend. by meeting You i was / am able to experience also what is bdsm in the RL. Your a great teacher. and i know You can teach me more. most kindfull of You is that You are not selfish. though not to me. and that You wishes the best for me. You know this is an verry exited time for me, what will bring RL to me??what will happen to me. well i hope i can see You, time will tell.but spending time with You, even if it is just watching You dealing wiht others , make me happy. hope i will be having losts of happy times with You, Mistress with cenceraly greetings,

Your boy, pet, wallet and slave Ivar.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

I love RR viwer!

I am in loooove the real restriant viewer. I actually had a slut today pay me to buy him so I could hold total control over him. hahahahahah so fucking great. He now cannot see, hear, or talk to anyone but me. He cannot move, he cannot tp he cannot do anything without my permission. So fucking beautiful isn't it? I fucking love love love it!!!

Of course today was another lucrative day for this Goddess. My four day total is.. Drumroll please 188k. Yes thats right I milked 188k out of sluts in four days. hahahahahah I love it! I always have and always will have high expectations for my sluts. So get used to seeing that amount posted losers because I will increase it to even more!

I am really having a blast with my new temple, and working again at platinum. There is nothing I love more then the tease and denial of me dancing on stage, and no matter how much a slut pays me he just cannot get me naked. Hahaha, of course they never will. I have way to much class for that. A slave will never be worthy of seeing my DEVINE body naked. I am sure that thought drives many of you wild.

I have another slut whos name I won't mention but I have to say. I loved milking this idiot. They were used and exploited like they begged me to. So addicted now that they are actually going to find a job just to pay me even more! Now thats addiction. Hahahahah

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna

a very interesting converstation

For those of you who do not know how crazy this bitch is from reading her blog. well here is a convo I recieved from a slave who actually had to switch avatars and kills this one to get away from her. Pretty sad when a slave will do that because they think your psycho. So yes she can lure away sluts who pay well but they will always come running back because no one humiliates them like I do. Purrrrr I just love love love how she even puts down her own Dancers.

[16:59] Noor Loam: You only listen to me
[16:59] Noor Loam: I dont care if *dancer* talks all day long
[16:59] Huggie Morpork: yes Miss
[16:59] Noor Loam: ypu dont respond to her
[16:59] Noor Loam: you dont listen to her
[16:59] Huggie Morpork: that is why i stopped answering to her Miss
[17:00] Noor Loam: you minimize your screen til you its blinking with an IM from me
[17:00] Noor Loam: No you stopped because I have told you!
[17:00] Huggie Morpork: yes Miss it is what i meant but then i stopped Miss
[17:00] Noor Loam: I dont share Fabrice... if you want to have " fun", you ask me!
[17:01] Huggie Morpork: yes miss
[17:01] Huggie Morpork: Miss*
[17:01] Noor Loam: When they tell you to get tabasco and what fuckin ever
[17:01] Noor Loam: NO
[17:01] Huggie Morpork: yes Miss
[17:01] Noor Loam: I will tell you what to do... I will ORDER YOU
[17:01] Noor Loam: You dont reply to anyone when I am here
[17:01] Huggie Morpork: so i never answer to them anymore Miss
[17:01] Noor Loam: NO ONE!
[17:02] Noor Loam: Not when I am here
[17:02] Huggie Morpork: do i still greet them Miss ?
[17:02] Noor Loam: And when I am not here and one of them tries to abuse you, YOU TELL ME!
[17:02] Noor Loam: yes you greet
[17:02] Huggie Morpork: yes Miss
[17:02] Noor Loam: I dont allow abuse on my property! *Condtraiction coming soon!*
[17:03] Huggie Morpork: so far nobody tried to abuse me when You were online Miss
[17:03] Huggie Morpork: thank You Miss
[17:03] Noor Loam: These are all money greedy Idiots and their purpose for me is to make money for me with dancing and escorting
[17:03] Noor Loam: Yes slut... I told you I will protect you
[17:03] Huggie Morpork: yes Miss thank You
[17:03] Noor Loam: And I will abuse you in our agreement of TPE *But there is no abuse allowed on her property?*
[17:04] Huggie Morpork: that is why i also prefer to be always in the cage when You are not here Miss
[17:04] Noor Loam: There will be abuse... but my speciality is mental abuse
[17:04] Noor Loam: Yes I may give you a padded room
[17:04] Huggie Morpork: then they leave me alone
[17:04] Noor Loam: Yes they will
[17:04] Noor Loam: has any of them asked you for money?!
[17:05] Huggie Morpork: no Miss none of them
[17:05] Noor Loam: if they do, you MUST tell me!
[17:05] Huggie Morpork: i will tell You Miss
[17:05] Noor Loam: They will get fired!
[17:05] Noor Loam: I want you in the cage when I am not here because no one can touch you
[17:05] Huggie Morpork: and i do not pay them Miss, is it correct ?
[17:05] Noor Loam: You DONT EVER!
[17:06] Huggie Morpork: yes Miss just to be sure
[17:06] Noor Loam: I dont care how cruel they are to you
[17:06] Huggie Morpork: i just report it to You
[17:06] Noor Loam: I dont care if you think they are " HOT"
[17:06] Noor Loam: This is all irrelevant
[17:06] Huggie Morpork: yes Miss
[17:06] Noor Loam: I want you to edit your profile as well
[17:07] Huggie Morpork: just one question Miss please ?
[17:07] Noor Loam: Ask
[17:07] Huggie Morpork: thank You Miss
[17:07] Noor Loam nods
[17:07] Huggie Morpork: do they know they are not allowed to abuse me when You are offline Miss ?
[17:08] Noor Loam: It seem like they dont know, because they are all idiots
[17:08] Huggie Morpork: or to ask me for money ?
[17:08] Noor Loam: But I will let them know!
[17:08] Noor Loam: They will know....
[17:08] Noor Loam: Or else they get fired
[17:08] Huggie Morpork: maybe it is better Miss in order to avoid misunderstanding Miss
[17:08] Noor Loam: and they dont want to get fired because the money is to damn good here
[17:09] Noor Loam: Yes I will let them know
[17:09] Huggie Morpork: i will feel bad if one of them is fired because she asked me for money but didn't know she was not able to Miss
[17:09] Noor Loam: many fatasses like katanzia want you
[17:09] Huggie Morpork: thank You Miss
[17:09] Noor Loam: Oh they will know
[17:09] Noor Loam: lol trust me they will
[17:09] Huggie Morpork: oh i totally trust You Miss
[17:10] Noor Loam: They hate me but at the same time they make about 5000L a day
[17:10] Huggie Morpork nods
[17:10] Noor Loam: They dont want to get fired
[17:10] Noor Loam smiles
[17:10] Huggie Morpork smiles back
[17:10] Noor Loam: and *dancer* is s ugly idiot
[17:10] Huggie Morpork: lol
[17:11] Huggie Morpork: how should i update my profile Miss ?
[17:11] Noor Loam: I dont trust no one slut... they are all worthless, and they know not to fuck with me
[17:11] Huggie Morpork: none of them here You really trust Miss ?
[17:11] Noor Loam: Add the song name and lyrics from Nights Of Cydonia
[17:12] Huggie Morpork: yes Miss
[17:12] Noor Loam: None of them
[17:12] Huggie Morpork: it is good for me to know Miss
[17:12] Huggie Morpork: because i thought You had friends here
[17:12] Huggie Morpork: so now i know exactly how to behave Miss
[17:13] Noor Loam: I trust Miss a little bit
[17:13] Huggie Morpork nods
[17:13] Huggie Morpork: may i just ask You to allow me to read notecards Miss please ?
[17:13] Huggie Morpork: as the lyrics are on it Miss
[17:13] Noor Loam: Why do want to read notecards
[17:14] Noor Loam: No you make a new card :)
[17:14] Huggie Morpork: yes Miss but then it will take some times Miss
[17:15] Huggie Morpork: as i have to listen to it again to be sure i do not make mistakes Miss
[17:15] Noor Loam: I dont care :)
[17:15] Noor Loam: yes listen agaon
[17:15] Huggie Morpork: i know it was just to inform You Miss
[17:15] Huggie Morpork: anything else in my profile Miss ?
[17:15] Noor Loam: i know but listen again and write everything down
[17:16] Huggie Morpork: yes Miss
[17:16] Noor Loam: and write on top of it. For My Mistress Noor Loam
[17:16] Huggie Morpork: yes Miss :-)
[17:16] Noor Loam smiles
[17:17] Huggie Morpork: i start with that it is faster Miss :-)
[17:17] Noor Loam: oK :)
[17:18] Huggie Morpork: now i will listen to the song Miss if it is fine with You ?
[17:18] Noor Loam: YES :)))
[17:18] Huggie Morpork: thank You Miss i will let You know when i am done Miss

*Edited to add*
Hahaha she was so threatened by what I wrote that she had to post a blog to defend herself. Mmmm I must have touched a nerve. hahahahahah pathetic really.
If what I wrote was untrue would she have felt the need to do so? I don't think so.

Copyright info for the pathetic ones information taken straight from the copyright website

What does copyright protect?
Copyright, a form of intellectual property law, protects original works of authorship including literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works, such as poetry, novels, movies, songs, computer software, and architecture. Copyright does not protect facts, ideas, systems, or methods of operation, although it may protect the way these things are expressed.

When is my work protected?
Your work is under copyright protection the moment it is created and fixed in a tangible form that it is perceptible either directly or with the aid of a machine or device.

Do I have to register with your office to be protected?

No. In general, registration is voluntary. Copyright exists from the moment the work is created.

Friday, July 25, 2008


I am loving sl more and more. The more I explore, the more money I have been making. Its honestly getting even more fun to watch how the pathetic jealous idiots do everything they can to try to make me quit secondlife. Its even more funny to see them obesses over me. What I love about this is that the more she obessesses the more these slaves come running to find out if its true. So keep talking your shit. Your making me famous! I think its so sweet that your so threatened you had to create an alt to try to humiliate me. Its so over done it makes you seem so pathetic. That is now hmmmmm ten or eleven journal entries obsessing about MOI? God you must want to be me so bad.

My sissy is still doing wonderfully, yesterday I took 30k from him. It was really adorable to hear from my girls that he is so devoted he would not even tip them without my permission. Isn't it fitting that I should command such utter devotion from all of my slaves? I have three now under my personal collar. The rest are just sluts I play with and drain when I feel like it. My 3day income has gone all the way up to 138,000 linden. Mmmmmm I am doing quite well. Purrrrs. I have another treat for you piggies. Not only can you find me in my personal temple but you can again find me at Platinum Escort Club. Yes sluts I was offered my job back and I am going to use that opportunity to have some fun and relax. Of course I will still have my temple and pleasure garden. This will be my place to go and just forget about anything but dancing, having fun, and just being myself. Purrrrrrs. Well sluts get to comeing down to the temple. And remember I am the ONLY true Katanzia in secondlife. Anyone else is a complete and utter clown trying to be as wonderful as I am. Good luck darlings! It will never happen. I will leave you with one last question to think about. When we obessess and hate something about somone so passionately that we cannot even begin to think about why, is it not because we hate that about ourselves more?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mmmm I love sissy sluts

Isn't she beautiful? I took her out today and dolled her up. I am so proud of this one. Today I took 30k from her and instructed her to have another 20k in her bank tommarow to go shopping with. She was so excited that instead of doing it tommarow she did it today! So today this lovely one sent me a total of 50k, that makes about 65k in two days from this beauty. Mmmmm I love knowing that I am so addictive that she cannot help but give me everything purrrs.

Hiring for my wonderful temple is going fabulously. I have a kick ass Dj, and of course my beautiful friends have decided to come join me to make this place a sucess! Of course the focus will not be only financial slavery. While I enjoy this fetish very much its not the only fetish I enjoy. Mmmm I love blackmail, cuckolding, humiliation, cbt, trampling, corperal punishment, bondage, and much much more! I love it when a sub can play back purrrs. Meaning they can rp with me during a session. I am a very intellectual person.

My best friend in all of the rl world the beautiful Princessbella has come to join me in sl! You will get to see much more of her with me as you come down to the temple to worship the very ground we walk upon. She has been a rl Domina for many many years now. I think around ten. I will have to ask her. So you will not be able to pull one over on this beautiful Princess. Be forwarned to those who like to attack others who are more sucessfull then they are. Fuck with her and you will not like the way I deal with you. She is an amazing person and I love having her around.

My sweet wallet is so cute. He told me about a new experience he had in rl and I have to say he is such a true submissive. He makes me very happy this one.

Now my pets think on how you wish to serve me. What are you willing to do to make ME happy. How far would you go to ensure you will always be in my presence. I think I will leave you with my new favorite quote.

*To be loved is to acheive celebrity, to be hated is to achive DISTINCTION - Coco Chanel*

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna

Monday, July 21, 2008

Masked beauty beckons you.....

Towards you wildest dreams, your biggest fantasy or your worst nightmare. Mmmm today was a lovely day for your Goddess. Not only was it my rezz day but I also held the grand opening for my pleasure garden! Not only this but I have a new slave under my control. Mmm it was lovely to get 11k out of the loser in only ten minutes! Yes I am that good purrrrs. I know your little tiny dick is so hard thinking about how I must have humiliated him and mind fucked him totally under my control. I know you are dying to be at my feet. Dying to know that you are owned by me completely, body mind and soul. To know that everything you have, and everything you are is MINE. Yes I will take over your entire life. You will always think of me. Nothing you will do will be enough for my greed yet you will strive to do more now won't you? Remember my darlings I only care for you as long as you are paying me to do so. So keep on paying sluts, you have no need for money other then to hand it all over to me now don't you?

lipstick and spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Love me or hate me they are still talking about MOI!

Stalker twat alert! I have made someone so insecure with MY gloriously luxerious lifestyle that she can't stop talking about me! ME! Lil ole me! Well if my five minutes of fame were over why would I still be talked about? Shhhh its a secret! Hahahaha OMG this is to fucking funny. I love it! I am the talk of the town. I will go celebrate now my pets. I am a Slebrity! If you have not watched my new video go watch it NOW!

Brand New video!

Go watch it! I worked hard on this one. Its my tribute to Elizabeth Bathory who I am obsessed with. If you have no idea who she is? Well go google it bitch!

Ivar and Linx continue to grow under my firm hand. I am very pleased with their manners, and of course with their loyalty. They are the best pets a Domme could ask for. Its lovely to log on and see a message from them or to just spend time with them as I go about my day both of my beautiful lovelies content to follow along and watch me as I work. I shall try to post a photo of them again soon. Both have been diligently keeping up with thier weekly tributes. Such good pets purrrs

Sunday, July 13, 2008

You never call me when your soooooberrrrrr

Hahah yes I love this song and even more so I looove loooove looooove the video for this song. I got my perfect little hands on a dress that is almost a replica!

Mmmm so now on to the important stuff. I have a brand new slave who is under my protection collar and paid me 100k and has promised more in the following weeks. I just know once a certian someone reads this blog she will be all over my group just trying to figure out who it is. Heheheheh have fun darling! He won't be paying you!

The pleasure garden is looking amazing! Its all finished now I am just looking for lovely Dommes, subs, escorts, dancers and slaves to enjoy and work in my beautiful world. If you think you have what it takes just let me know purrrs. I look forward to working with all of you!

Two new videos are in the making. Well three actually, I have some old photos from when I owned my magazine fatal passions. So I thought I would make a video of them set to a few of my favorite songs and show off the beautiful photos I took and edited myself. Enjoy sluts!

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna

Friday, July 11, 2008


Soooooo somehow this blog got deleted.. my password had been changed without me changing it... so I may have been hacked. So I will have to start all over with all my adventures! Oh well.... so lets recap so far in sl I have taken a little over 200k from various money pigs, had a few lovely sugar daddies, been attacked by others in my feild and started my own temple. Yay! Heheh ok more to come very soon my lovelies!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I <3 sugar daddies

Every gal should have one! The other night I had the lovely pleasure of being taken shopping by a Sugar Daddy named Doc. The first face to face meet was wonderful. Not only did he show himself to be intelligent but very generous. I had a wonderful time shopping first at Gothic Catz, followed by Bare Rose, Nyte N' Day and Insolence, ending with Kitties Lair for more shoes. I have to say I loved finding something I wanted, and being given it just because it made me happy.

I have a few ideas now for videos I am going to start my youtube channel with. I plan to take photos of the clothing I bought with my wallet ivar, the wonderful gifts I recieved and make a video montage of those as well as all my latex clothing. Purrrs keep watch for it my admiers

lipstick and spanks

Mistress Katanzia