Friday, July 25, 2008


I am loving sl more and more. The more I explore, the more money I have been making. Its honestly getting even more fun to watch how the pathetic jealous idiots do everything they can to try to make me quit secondlife. Its even more funny to see them obesses over me. What I love about this is that the more she obessesses the more these slaves come running to find out if its true. So keep talking your shit. Your making me famous! I think its so sweet that your so threatened you had to create an alt to try to humiliate me. Its so over done it makes you seem so pathetic. That is now hmmmmm ten or eleven journal entries obsessing about MOI? God you must want to be me so bad.

My sissy is still doing wonderfully, yesterday I took 30k from him. It was really adorable to hear from my girls that he is so devoted he would not even tip them without my permission. Isn't it fitting that I should command such utter devotion from all of my slaves? I have three now under my personal collar. The rest are just sluts I play with and drain when I feel like it. My 3day income has gone all the way up to 138,000 linden. Mmmmmm I am doing quite well. Purrrrs. I have another treat for you piggies. Not only can you find me in my personal temple but you can again find me at Platinum Escort Club. Yes sluts I was offered my job back and I am going to use that opportunity to have some fun and relax. Of course I will still have my temple and pleasure garden. This will be my place to go and just forget about anything but dancing, having fun, and just being myself. Purrrrrrs. Well sluts get to comeing down to the temple. And remember I am the ONLY true Katanzia in secondlife. Anyone else is a complete and utter clown trying to be as wonderful as I am. Good luck darlings! It will never happen. I will leave you with one last question to think about. When we obessess and hate something about somone so passionately that we cannot even begin to think about why, is it not because we hate that about ourselves more?