Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fabulously a living Goddess

Come be my living human art or my living doll. I am becoming very intereted in objectification. With the lovely gift of six bebista cages from sissy lexi, I have decided to start a living doll collection. So far I have three beautiful dolls encased in glass. My sissy lexi, sissy prissy and sissy linx. The dynamic it provides I have to admit is facinating. They all had a variety of reactions to being put up as a doll. First sissy lexi was so thrilled with me wanting to start a collection that she generously paid for all six cages at 1k a piece. Sissy prissy begged to be added to the collection just as she was and let me tell you it was halarious to just watch him standing there. He isdefinatly a humiliation and objectification slut. Purrrs. I still LOVE LOVE LOVE the real restraint viewer having that control over my sissy is so erotic. Sissy linx was so sweet about being put on display she was thrilled to be photographed in her glass cage in her beautiful maids outfit.

I did some new shopping yesterday for wonderful gowns to add to my collection because I have an obession with sweet elegance. Paired with a new skin, and hair the gowns make me look like a Fairy Goddess. So I have decided to play on that when I am not working on stage as a dancer. Its so lovely to run around and have people in awe of me the moment I walk into a room. That is how a Goddess should always be. Breathtakingly beautiful and awe inspiring. With devotion and love showing in the eyes of those slaves she holds dear and allows to be in her presence. Her mere gaze should inspire many emotions in her slaves ranging from love and adorationt to a delicous fear for those who wish to fear her crulety. Above all she should and will always be adored. Mmmm doesn't that sound delightful my darlings? To feel all those things at my hand? To know that you are proud to be of service to me and to show me how much you adore my presence and the privlage I have allowed you? Mmmm I am sure thats exactly how you wish to feel. So come join me, fall prey to my wickedly creative mind. Come... join me.

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna