Saturday, July 26, 2008

I love RR viwer!

I am in loooove the real restriant viewer. I actually had a slut today pay me to buy him so I could hold total control over him. hahahahahah so fucking great. He now cannot see, hear, or talk to anyone but me. He cannot move, he cannot tp he cannot do anything without my permission. So fucking beautiful isn't it? I fucking love love love it!!!

Of course today was another lucrative day for this Goddess. My four day total is.. Drumroll please 188k. Yes thats right I milked 188k out of sluts in four days. hahahahahah I love it! I always have and always will have high expectations for my sluts. So get used to seeing that amount posted losers because I will increase it to even more!

I am really having a blast with my new temple, and working again at platinum. There is nothing I love more then the tease and denial of me dancing on stage, and no matter how much a slut pays me he just cannot get me naked. Hahaha, of course they never will. I have way to much class for that. A slave will never be worthy of seeing my DEVINE body naked. I am sure that thought drives many of you wild.

I have another slut whos name I won't mention but I have to say. I loved milking this idiot. They were used and exploited like they begged me to. So addicted now that they are actually going to find a job just to pay me even more! Now thats addiction. Hahahahah

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna