Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Increasingly dissapointed

As I progress more and more into my lifestyle as a Domme in secondlife, I grow increalingly dissapointed with a few of the people I have come across. Namely the ones who think that is acceptable to attack and tear down anyone who stands in thier way. That is not what being a TRUE Dominate is about. Now I normally do not use the word true in this manner but I am increaslingly seeing why some do that. What saddens me the most is the sabatoge that people feel is ok to do. What does it matter what someone looks likes in RL? This is secondlife. And is just that A SECOND LIFE. Here you can shine if you are the right kind of person. Honestly some of the people who call themselves a dom sicken me. Some cannot keep thier words, others come across as psychotic and are ageplayers to boot. Which if I remember correctly is HIGHLY against the TOS. I wonder as I progress if I am ever going to be able to surround myself with people who understand what its really about to be a dominate. Even more so someone who understand what its about to be a Financial Sadist.

For those of you who do not understand what that is truely about I shall give you my opinion. For me its not about the money. Though I do love money, and it is very nice to have it, and to shop on your money of course. Its about the power, the control it affords me. The knowing you are sacrificing and scraping by to feed MY luxerious lifestyle. That you give it all to me out of adoration and the feeling that you want to be mine fully completely and always at my feet. A few slaves have mentioned to me that they cannot donate on the level that many of the slaves who have served have. This is not important. For me to take 5k from one slave who has far less then another slave, is akin to me taking 50k from another slave who has it to give. The one who has less to give is giving more to me by the fact that they are sacrificing more to give me then the slave who can throw away 50k without batting an eyelash. There are also other things about this lifestlye I enjoy. I enjoy the fact that I can explore and enjoy my life as I explore thier limits, and enjoy thier suffering. I find that not all slaves are the same either. Some wish to be treated as objects, some wish to be completely controled, others just simply enjoy pain, and humiliation. For many of them its all mental. And honestly its not about abuse. This is the biggest point I wanted to make. SLAVERY of any kind is NOT ABOUT ABUSE. Just because a sub wants to be treated as if they do not matter does not mean that is actually true. This may be a shock to a few of you who actually read my blog. But I do realize that there are living breathing humans behind thier avi. If you break them to far, or take them to far and you suddenly dissapear you are playing with thier life. I have seen a few slaves have a mental break down after something like this has happened. Or there are those who will literally leave a slave in debt and penniless. Yes great fantasy, not so great reality. They are no good to me penniless now are they? I truly wish that this lifestyle was not filled with fakes, and insta Dommes. It makes it hard for those of us who truly enjoy the lifestyle to enjoy themselves.

I also am increasingly dissapointed with so called Dommes who think its ok to attack others in the lifestyle. To be a Domme you have respect others who are also in the Dominate part of the lifestyle. Tearing down anyone who is more sucessfull then you or sabatoging them makes you seem like a petty child throwing a tantrum. It means you have no self control and think that financial slavery is all about GIMME GIMMIE GIMME. To many slaves who truely enjoy the lifestyle and are good tributers have become jaded because of idiots like this. Even non financial slaves have become jaded due to a Domme saying you will be my only one then not keeping thier word. Is this all I have to look forward to from my fellow Femdoms? I sure hope not. I hope that in exploring I find more Dommes who understand what it is truly about and who understand that you do not have to abuse the power you have simply because you have it. Learn some self control little girls, or you will fall to the wayside like everyone else who has tried to follow in the footsteps of a real woman.