Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mmmm I love sissy sluts

Isn't she beautiful? I took her out today and dolled her up. I am so proud of this one. Today I took 30k from her and instructed her to have another 20k in her bank tommarow to go shopping with. She was so excited that instead of doing it tommarow she did it today! So today this lovely one sent me a total of 50k, that makes about 65k in two days from this beauty. Mmmmm I love knowing that I am so addictive that she cannot help but give me everything purrrs.

Hiring for my wonderful temple is going fabulously. I have a kick ass Dj, and of course my beautiful friends have decided to come join me to make this place a sucess! Of course the focus will not be only financial slavery. While I enjoy this fetish very much its not the only fetish I enjoy. Mmmm I love blackmail, cuckolding, humiliation, cbt, trampling, corperal punishment, bondage, and much much more! I love it when a sub can play back purrrs. Meaning they can rp with me during a session. I am a very intellectual person.

My best friend in all of the rl world the beautiful Princessbella has come to join me in sl! You will get to see much more of her with me as you come down to the temple to worship the very ground we walk upon. She has been a rl Domina for many many years now. I think around ten. I will have to ask her. So you will not be able to pull one over on this beautiful Princess. Be forwarned to those who like to attack others who are more sucessfull then they are. Fuck with her and you will not like the way I deal with you. She is an amazing person and I love having her around.

My sweet wallet is so cute. He told me about a new experience he had in rl and I have to say he is such a true submissive. He makes me very happy this one.

Now my pets think on how you wish to serve me. What are you willing to do to make ME happy. How far would you go to ensure you will always be in my presence. I think I will leave you with my new favorite quote.

*To be loved is to acheive celebrity, to be hated is to achive DISTINCTION - Coco Chanel*

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna