Monday, July 28, 2008

Such a sweet pet.

I asked my sweet wallet to write an essay on what it was to him to serve me., I am so touched by what he wrote that I thought I would share it with you. This is true devotion.

hello Mistress Katanzia You asked me, ordered me to write a essay about of what i think of You and how i see You, i will try to do my best. maybe i should begin how i came on SL, at that time i had contact with an dominant girl by chat (msn) and by phone. She discovered SL and wanted me to join. Well at that time, when i was invited i didnt had a good computer, so i had to wait to get me a new one. When i had one the contact with the girl was not that strong anymore, so i came in SL and she was disapeared form SL. we never where togethter on SL, that i found a pitty. As You know i have to dream to be a submissive guy, our maybe better said , i am a submissive boy. So when i appeared in SL i went looking for bdsm-places. And found (ofcourse) some. in two weeks i even had a Mistress in SL. togehter with her i put up her Club, not a bdsm one. but after i while i was only a people for her in her club. She gaved me no attention at All. and to be honoust i like to get some attention. Even if i am a nothing :). after a while i went away from her. and at a moment i discoverd the lovers playground. a playground the is managed by 3 Mistressses, and i felt that as my home, and i still do. there i met , and also in other places a few Mistress that became my Mistresses, some short time some times longer. but mostly it did not work out, mostly because i did not get the attention i found i needed. some times because the times we where online where different (timezones). and maybe i think because non of them had a place of their own. Till i met You. the first time i talked to You i knew i was not talking to just a girl who played to be dominant. No i was talking to a dominant girl. who know where She was talking about. and maybe the most important. You where honoust. when did we met?? one month , two months? well looks like a year....... when i went in SL i had a dream. to be submissive to a girl. i knew what it should look like, i had some experienxe in RL. but notimes was getting dominated the way it was in my dream. till we went shopping, wow, what a experience it was. i had nothing to tell. only to do. it felt fantastic. Sometimes i see You , wallet raping other slave, and i wish i could be him. but You learn me something. its not the way you have, but it is what you do. only paying makes You not submissive. You are i Girl, sorry a Lady a Mistress who knows who She is. think You have self knowledge, and You have feelings. well , You showed me sometimes, but You are always respectfull. Well maybe thats the most important word in even what sort of a relation. RESPECT... and i feel that in our combination. ofcourse You are the Mistress and i am the submissive, well wunder why i dont use the word slave. well i know i am the slave. but You treat me with respect, and make me feel submissive. that way You make me a better slave. and that is whats making You great. You know, You feel how to treat a person. thats a great gift.i am verry thankfull that i met You, and that i became Your slave. but think also a friend. by meeting You i was / am able to experience also what is bdsm in the RL. Your a great teacher. and i know You can teach me more. most kindfull of You is that You are not selfish. though not to me. and that You wishes the best for me. You know this is an verry exited time for me, what will bring RL to me??what will happen to me. well i hope i can see You, time will tell.but spending time with You, even if it is just watching You dealing wiht others , make me happy. hope i will be having losts of happy times with You, Mistress with cenceraly greetings,

Your boy, pet, wallet and slave Ivar.