Saturday, July 26, 2008

a very interesting converstation

For those of you who do not know how crazy this bitch is from reading her blog. well here is a convo I recieved from a slave who actually had to switch avatars and kills this one to get away from her. Pretty sad when a slave will do that because they think your psycho. So yes she can lure away sluts who pay well but they will always come running back because no one humiliates them like I do. Purrrrr I just love love love how she even puts down her own Dancers.

[16:59] Noor Loam: You only listen to me
[16:59] Noor Loam: I dont care if *dancer* talks all day long
[16:59] Huggie Morpork: yes Miss
[16:59] Noor Loam: ypu dont respond to her
[16:59] Noor Loam: you dont listen to her
[16:59] Huggie Morpork: that is why i stopped answering to her Miss
[17:00] Noor Loam: you minimize your screen til you its blinking with an IM from me
[17:00] Noor Loam: No you stopped because I have told you!
[17:00] Huggie Morpork: yes Miss it is what i meant but then i stopped Miss
[17:00] Noor Loam: I dont share Fabrice... if you want to have " fun", you ask me!
[17:01] Huggie Morpork: yes miss
[17:01] Huggie Morpork: Miss*
[17:01] Noor Loam: When they tell you to get tabasco and what fuckin ever
[17:01] Noor Loam: NO
[17:01] Huggie Morpork: yes Miss
[17:01] Noor Loam: I will tell you what to do... I will ORDER YOU
[17:01] Noor Loam: You dont reply to anyone when I am here
[17:01] Huggie Morpork: so i never answer to them anymore Miss
[17:01] Noor Loam: NO ONE!
[17:02] Noor Loam: Not when I am here
[17:02] Huggie Morpork: do i still greet them Miss ?
[17:02] Noor Loam: And when I am not here and one of them tries to abuse you, YOU TELL ME!
[17:02] Noor Loam: yes you greet
[17:02] Huggie Morpork: yes Miss
[17:02] Noor Loam: I dont allow abuse on my property! *Condtraiction coming soon!*
[17:03] Huggie Morpork: so far nobody tried to abuse me when You were online Miss
[17:03] Huggie Morpork: thank You Miss
[17:03] Noor Loam: These are all money greedy Idiots and their purpose for me is to make money for me with dancing and escorting
[17:03] Noor Loam: Yes slut... I told you I will protect you
[17:03] Huggie Morpork: yes Miss thank You
[17:03] Noor Loam: And I will abuse you in our agreement of TPE *But there is no abuse allowed on her property?*
[17:04] Huggie Morpork: that is why i also prefer to be always in the cage when You are not here Miss
[17:04] Noor Loam: There will be abuse... but my speciality is mental abuse
[17:04] Noor Loam: Yes I may give you a padded room
[17:04] Huggie Morpork: then they leave me alone
[17:04] Noor Loam: Yes they will
[17:04] Noor Loam: has any of them asked you for money?!
[17:05] Huggie Morpork: no Miss none of them
[17:05] Noor Loam: if they do, you MUST tell me!
[17:05] Huggie Morpork: i will tell You Miss
[17:05] Noor Loam: They will get fired!
[17:05] Noor Loam: I want you in the cage when I am not here because no one can touch you
[17:05] Huggie Morpork: and i do not pay them Miss, is it correct ?
[17:05] Noor Loam: You DONT EVER!
[17:06] Huggie Morpork: yes Miss just to be sure
[17:06] Noor Loam: I dont care how cruel they are to you
[17:06] Huggie Morpork: i just report it to You
[17:06] Noor Loam: I dont care if you think they are " HOT"
[17:06] Noor Loam: This is all irrelevant
[17:06] Huggie Morpork: yes Miss
[17:06] Noor Loam: I want you to edit your profile as well
[17:07] Huggie Morpork: just one question Miss please ?
[17:07] Noor Loam: Ask
[17:07] Huggie Morpork: thank You Miss
[17:07] Noor Loam nods
[17:07] Huggie Morpork: do they know they are not allowed to abuse me when You are offline Miss ?
[17:08] Noor Loam: It seem like they dont know, because they are all idiots
[17:08] Huggie Morpork: or to ask me for money ?
[17:08] Noor Loam: But I will let them know!
[17:08] Noor Loam: They will know....
[17:08] Noor Loam: Or else they get fired
[17:08] Huggie Morpork: maybe it is better Miss in order to avoid misunderstanding Miss
[17:08] Noor Loam: and they dont want to get fired because the money is to damn good here
[17:09] Noor Loam: Yes I will let them know
[17:09] Huggie Morpork: i will feel bad if one of them is fired because she asked me for money but didn't know she was not able to Miss
[17:09] Noor Loam: many fatasses like katanzia want you
[17:09] Huggie Morpork: thank You Miss
[17:09] Noor Loam: Oh they will know
[17:09] Noor Loam: lol trust me they will
[17:09] Huggie Morpork: oh i totally trust You Miss
[17:10] Noor Loam: They hate me but at the same time they make about 5000L a day
[17:10] Huggie Morpork nods
[17:10] Noor Loam: They dont want to get fired
[17:10] Noor Loam smiles
[17:10] Huggie Morpork smiles back
[17:10] Noor Loam: and *dancer* is s ugly idiot
[17:10] Huggie Morpork: lol
[17:11] Huggie Morpork: how should i update my profile Miss ?
[17:11] Noor Loam: I dont trust no one slut... they are all worthless, and they know not to fuck with me
[17:11] Huggie Morpork: none of them here You really trust Miss ?
[17:11] Noor Loam: Add the song name and lyrics from Nights Of Cydonia
[17:12] Huggie Morpork: yes Miss
[17:12] Noor Loam: None of them
[17:12] Huggie Morpork: it is good for me to know Miss
[17:12] Huggie Morpork: because i thought You had friends here
[17:12] Huggie Morpork: so now i know exactly how to behave Miss
[17:13] Noor Loam: I trust Miss a little bit
[17:13] Huggie Morpork nods
[17:13] Huggie Morpork: may i just ask You to allow me to read notecards Miss please ?
[17:13] Huggie Morpork: as the lyrics are on it Miss
[17:13] Noor Loam: Why do want to read notecards
[17:14] Noor Loam: No you make a new card :)
[17:14] Huggie Morpork: yes Miss but then it will take some times Miss
[17:15] Huggie Morpork: as i have to listen to it again to be sure i do not make mistakes Miss
[17:15] Noor Loam: I dont care :)
[17:15] Noor Loam: yes listen agaon
[17:15] Huggie Morpork: i know it was just to inform You Miss
[17:15] Huggie Morpork: anything else in my profile Miss ?
[17:15] Noor Loam: i know but listen again and write everything down
[17:16] Huggie Morpork: yes Miss
[17:16] Noor Loam: and write on top of it. For My Mistress Noor Loam
[17:16] Huggie Morpork: yes Miss :-)
[17:16] Noor Loam smiles
[17:17] Huggie Morpork: i start with that it is faster Miss :-)
[17:17] Noor Loam: oK :)
[17:18] Huggie Morpork: now i will listen to the song Miss if it is fine with You ?
[17:18] Noor Loam: YES :)))
[17:18] Huggie Morpork: thank You Miss i will let You know when i am done Miss

*Edited to add*
Hahaha she was so threatened by what I wrote that she had to post a blog to defend herself. Mmmm I must have touched a nerve. hahahahahah pathetic really.
If what I wrote was untrue would she have felt the need to do so? I don't think so.

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