Monday, July 21, 2008

Masked beauty beckons you.....

Towards you wildest dreams, your biggest fantasy or your worst nightmare. Mmmm today was a lovely day for your Goddess. Not only was it my rezz day but I also held the grand opening for my pleasure garden! Not only this but I have a new slave under my control. Mmm it was lovely to get 11k out of the loser in only ten minutes! Yes I am that good purrrrs. I know your little tiny dick is so hard thinking about how I must have humiliated him and mind fucked him totally under my control. I know you are dying to be at my feet. Dying to know that you are owned by me completely, body mind and soul. To know that everything you have, and everything you are is MINE. Yes I will take over your entire life. You will always think of me. Nothing you will do will be enough for my greed yet you will strive to do more now won't you? Remember my darlings I only care for you as long as you are paying me to do so. So keep on paying sluts, you have no need for money other then to hand it all over to me now don't you?

lipstick and spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna