Sunday, August 31, 2008


So a few of you know that there is a few in sl who are obsessed with my obvious sucess. Well they tried once again to bring my rl photos into sl and scare away subs. It backfired and I got this comment from the devoted one who they showed it to. *Name was changed to protect my devoted slut*

[2008/08/31 15:50] Cockslut: some loser gave me a website which should have your RL pictures.......even if they were real........i adore you !

then a few minutes later

[2008/08/31 15:51] cockslut: i adore your personality
[2008/08/31 15:51] cockslut: to be honest.......the pics turned me on

Then shortly after!

[2008/08/31 16:27] cockslut: i've seen your face, heard your voice, you're heavenly all over.........

Mmm yes sluts I am that hot! I am that good, and I am a TRUE Domme. Not some little girl who hates herself so much she has to project her flaws onto others.

Ta ta for now!

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna

PS. Stalker twat? KISS MY ASS!

Goal Achived!

Thats right sluts! Goddess achived her goal! Thanks to a very generious donation by my sweet wallet ivar of 8k today I met my goal. Shortly after this purrrs I wallet raped latex slut again for 12k which made me a very happy Goddess. Since you sluts cannot get enough of paying for luxeries that affect my real life, I have decided to set a new goal each time one is achived! This will of course keep you sluts always paying for more! Such a wonderfully generous Goddess I am, allowing you all to contribute to MY life. Mmmm I love that thought. Keeping you all in debt paying and paying and never ending it just to buy whatever I desire. So very yummy!!! The next goal is for you all to pay for a custom corset. I have a huge corsetry fetish purrrs. The way it encases my lucious curves and boosts up my fantastic breasts. OMG I love it! Just thinking about it gets me wet.

My sweet wallet ivar has begged me to allow him to have his very own goal themomater to pay for a new pair of boots and a halloween costume for me. Being as halloween is in 2 months I have decided to allow this. That will give him a month and a half to get to that goal. Such a sweet darling he is! I am going to allow him a photo of me in the costume and boots as a reward. Yes sluts this devoted one is privelaged enough to be allowed to see rl photos of me. Because unlike most of you idiots he is devoted to me not only in sl but rl.

Scripter subbie is so cute! He made me two new scripts that I am going to put up for sale very soon. But since I know a few people read my blog to steal my ideas and my work, I shall definatly be waiting to post what they are untill I have them up for sale officially. Mmm there will be a nice series of fine art prints coming out very soon sluts featuring me and the beautiful Mistress Gillian Xie. Lucky you, you will be allowed to buy them! There will be one large print and one small print sold. No more beyond that, so be prepared to pay a pretty penny for them sluts! They will go quick so careful they just might be sold out before you are allowed to buy them! To bad for you!

Ta ta for now!

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna

Friday, August 29, 2008

The best things in life aren't free!

Oh yes my darlings its been a wonderful day for your Goddess. Such lovely tributes just rolling in. It started with cock slut being so taken with what I posted here in my blog that she had to just come see me. Purrrs I took 3k from the slut in about five minutes using her punisher ring. I have to say I love that script giggles. Such a great one it is, untill of course I release MY version of it. Then after leaving she just had to come back to be milked for another 1k. After hearing all about this my sweet scripter subbie begged me to milk 4k from him so of course I gave in. Then later on in the night slut natasha finally showed up and I of course made her send me double what she normally does another 12k all to ME! Then after all that I ended up milking yet another 8k from a new slut purrrrs. Mmmm now lets see what else I can take from all you sluts lucky enough to be in my presence. I am adoring the rush purrrs. I am sure you will too!

The store is finally open sluts, go in and search for Fatal Passions, you can now buy prints of photos done for ME the beautiful Mistress Gillian Xie, such a talented woman she is. So come by, donate to her work, and of course buy the prints and donate more to me while your at! I hate to be kept waiting so be sure you don't keep me waiting

Ta ta for now!

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna

For scripter subbie

Montly webhost bill

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Mmmm a few of todays tributes for your drooling pleasure

2k from cock slut

3k from Sugardaddy Doc

1k from slave sunset - from her tips

Mmmmm I just love how everyone gives what they have no matter how little to feed my luxurious lifestyle purrrr. Don't you wish you could see your name up there? Knowing you gave it all to me as well?

Ta ta for now

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes!

Mmmm such lucky sluts you are, I am so pleased with the money just adding up to that 300,000 linden goal that I decided to finally post those photos of the laptop and microphone you sluts already paid for. Mmmmm such beautiful photos they are! I absolutely love the laptop, and look forward to my even cuter small laptop I can take with me everywhere!! This one here is a top of the line toshiba purrrs. Perfect for what this Goddess needs to play secondlife and of course for homework from her college classes mmmm... beautiful graphics, fast memory and of course a nice big 17 inch monitor, and a massive harddrive, and my favorite part is that it has built in speakers! Subwoofer speakers to boot. I loove looove looove it! My microphone is kick ass too! I sound devine in it purrrrs. I shall be doing some recordings tommarow and uploading them to test out if my way to package the clips will work properly. I am vey excited about it!

Today was such a wonderfully relaxing day, I started it out by heading over to my slave sunsets house. We had decided in rl that we wanted to hang out and watch a movie and of course play around in sl. So I relaxed in my garden for a while, spoke with a few of my devoted followers, and of course checked on my tributes. My sweet darling lexi tributed me 10k while I was offline. It was a pity as I would have loved to see her but I am pleased with her continuing to do as she has promised. Scripter subbie and I chatted a bit on yahoo which was wonderful because I always enjoy his converstations. Then I headed off to work at the new club I work at called Sugar Walls, if you are a generous slut and wish to get my attention you can find me there or at Platinum. Mmmmm it will be delightful to wallet rape you even when I am flirting with real men! After work I relaxed with a new submissive that I really enjoyed talking with. Not only is he intelligent but he is a fan of Shakespear! In fact he has my favorite play quoted in his profile. MacBeth. It was to funny to hear about him say that people actually thought that quote was from Harry Potter! I mean really? Who could confuse the most celebrated and inspired poet and playright in history with Harry Potter!!!!! While we were chatting I had a beautiful angel come serve me. Now this one is special smiles... she likes to be seduced into giving me what I want. Such a challange she is. I enjoy coaxing her into what I want because she knows exactly how to be generous once I have her where I want her, and does not try to direct what I do. Mmmmm now that was a nice break from the normal masochist humliation sluts I normally get. Purrrs not that I don't enjoy them, I love a good mindfuck, but I enjoy more sweet seductions as well. I ended up milking a nice 8k from her in about 10 minutes, then 2k from the new subbie I shall call subbie Shakespear as a nickname because of our shared interest. This will keep all the wanna be domletts from trying to im him and demand money. After talking with him for a while I headed out to make sure slave sunsets interview went well and ended up talking Torque into getting new hair. I was so pleased with myself for finding hair the he liked hehehee. I am good! I am seriously the queen of makeovers! I of course bought myself some wonderfully beautiful new hair paid for of course by one of my devoted followers! Such a spoiled Goddess I am, and loving every single moment of my fabulously luxurious life!

Now on to a mini rant. I understand there are all kinds of people in secondlife. I really do, but to go to someones private temple and troll for slaves... I mean come on! Get a grip make your own temple, find your own way. Work a few clubs, stop acting so desperate and stop spamming groups for slaves. I mean really now if you cannot figure out where you can find slaves, then you really should not be in the lifestyle. There are clubs galore with many slaves that share the same interest. Or you can market yourself. Slaves do not want a Domme who is desperate for money. They want a Domme who does not NEED their money rather takes it because she can. Much more satsifying for both parties. And do not even get me started on proper english. Every time I see ebonics, or 4 u, or r u I want to rip my hair out! Would you seriously want to serve someone who seems illiterate? If english is not your first language and you use it a bit differently that is acceptable, but to type like a 13 year old school girl.. really you sound uneducated and like your just a common gutter whore who thinks that this fetish is an easy way to make money. Well let me break it to you now. Its not, its demanding, draining (in a good way) and takes great skill to achieve the level I have. It takes training, learning, research, ambition and motivation. If you do not have these qualities move on now and stop wasting the time of the serious slaves who become jaded by dealing with idiots like you!

Now my beautiful subs slaves and admirers I shall leave you with a beautiful thought of what its like to serve me. Its your own personal heaven and hell all in one. I will ensnare you, I will beckon you to the mouth of madness and beyond. I will become your everything, your Goddess, your higher power, your only reason for living. So come now my pets.. fall prey to MY glamorous cruelty! I know your just falling to your knees now wallet in hand desperate to hand it all over to me now aren't you?

Ta ta for now!

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna

Monday, August 25, 2008

Decadent Pefection

Mmmmm its only day 1 of me putting out my donation jar to buy that laptop that I wanted to add to the one I already have and of course a lucky slut was allowed to donate 23,000 linden to it. I am sure that there will be more because I gave him one of the most memorable sessions that pathetic loser has ever had. After a slow start, I had to actually guide the idiot through buying linden from sl exchange. How pathetic is that! He sent it all to me in one click. Purrrs I love the power I have over these sluts, so I took him back to my brand new temple and inspected him. Of course I let him know that his cocklett was to small to satisfy a real woman and that he could be more toned, as well as his ass was too saggy. Then I decided to use him. First I humiliated him, then I whipped him, followed by making him beg to be allowed to fuck my beautiful slave sunset. Being as I can be a generous Goddess when I wish I decided that he would be allowed to fuck her . For my amusement of course. Being the sweet eager whore that she is slave sunset was delighted to be of use to me in using this slut. So I instructed him to first allow her to get him hard, then I decided I wanted to see them both 69, of course this ended with sunset getting her tight little ass fucked. From there I made him get my sunset off before he was allowed to get off himself. Of course in rl I made him wear some very lovely nipple clamps until they hurt so bad he could not stand it, then even longer because I felt like it. I am sure he came so hard watching this all purrs, and of course I allowed this because he paid out the ass for it. Shortly after I allowed sunset to go to her new job modeling some wonderfully sadistic devices at DD Designs. She has been a very good slut sending me all the money from her tips when she gets them. I am sure many of you will be wanting to touch your tiny little clitty as you view the photos I have posted. Tsk tsk better go pay your masturbation tax for that privlage sluts!

The more I talk with my sweet scripter subbie the more I am impressed with how well he voices his feelings. I love that I can talk to him about pretty much anything and he is not a total idiot about things. No he is well spoken, intelligent, eager to please and enjoyable to be around long term. Mmmm so delightful. He was treated to quite the rare treat today. My voice on my beautiful new microphone! I am very pleased with it, my voice comes out crisp clear and sounds like heavenly perfection. Another slut of mine that cannot keep away from me first sent me a 1k tribute just because she could not keep away from me. Then when I tped her to me I allowed her to hear me on voice, mmmm this cock slut has now fallen down the rabbit hole with no escape. She is hooked, now she will be hearing my voice in her dreams, she will think of it to get aroused. I am the only thing on her mind at all times, I do feel a small amount of pity for her husband, but only because he is a stupid male who cannot compete with such a perfect Goddess. Of course you will not be seeing a photo of this slut because she has not earned it yet. I was so amused when she had gotten done with our first session, then read her quote in my blog she just had to send me another 1k and come to be wallet raped by me again. I loved it when she told me I was the cruelest woman she had ever met. Mmm I am aren’t I slut? I know you will just beam with pride knowing I blogged about your pathetic ass again. My scripter subbie also had the delight of hearing me wallet rape a subbie on voice. This slut was allowed the privlage of paying to be in my ims and then he was allowed five minutes in my presence. This takes the total tributes today to 40,000 linden. I am sure there will be those who are not doing as well who will be eaten up with jealousy. Such a pity they cannot get on with their own lives and go about their business. It must be so sad for them to know they are so hated because of their own behavior.

My wallet ivar and I had a lovely time today relaxing in my garden after I had set up a beautiful Japanese tea garden set in the gazebo of my lovely new garden. Its perfection, such a wonderful place to relax, enjoy myself, and allow my mind to drift to lovely thoughts of taking even more money from you pathetic sluts. I also was delighted to meet another friend of his, all of his friends are delightful people. The next few days I shall be working on photos for the new scripts I will be offering and of course talking with scripter subbie on more scripts I can use to of course humiliate you sluts even more. I am thinking of a few great ideas, and maybe do some trance things geared at making you my mindless drone. First things first, the voice clips and the scripts I already have are to be put up for sale. I know many of you idiots will be spending a fortune to hear me read you a lovely story all about sissy sluts being forced feminized, humiliated and put to work like good little sluts should, and of course you will also pay a pretty penny to hear me do a pov (point of view) session voice clip for you idiots. Just think now you can listen to my decadently seductive voice over and over again. Such a treat that will be, expecially knowing that this will hook you even more on the most perfect Goddess in secondlife. That’s right sluts I am one of the ELITE, the best, very few can compete with me. This is why all these little wanna be instadommes are running to me hoping I will tell them my secrets. Well here is the only secret you will ever get from me. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Better yourself, know your prey. The rest is up to you. I will never tell you how I became the cream of the crop. Why should I? It was my hard work that did it. So get to reading little girls, or you will never go anywhere. Oh and for those idiots who keep trolling the groups? STOP NOW! Its annoying, not only does it make it annoying and scare off the pigs who do pay good, but it makes you look desperate. Be smart, advertise and know your market. Pity you all are not as business minded as I am. You just might have made it into the big leagues.

Ta ta for now!

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Girls Le Disko

So what's it gonna take?
Silver shadow believer....
Spock rocker with your dirty eyes
It's a chance gonna move
Gonna fuck up your ego
Silly boy gonna make you cry

*The Girls Le Disko, Shiny toys guns*

The past few days I am sure a few of my devoted slaves have noticed that I have not been around as much I have been in the past. Well my pets Goddess simply needed to take some ME time. Time to relax, time to gather my thoughts and time to clear my head. With school starting again for me in rl I just needed a break.

The past few days have been amazingly wonderful as usual. I live a very luxurious life don't I my pets? I even had a random drive by tribute from some slut who happened upon me while I was shopping I am that fabulous. I sum it up with this quote from repentent slut:

[13:51] * repentent slut*: you really deserve to have my money, ty again and bye

This is so very true. I deserve all your money sluts. I am the addiction you will never kick. No matter how much you want to you can't get enough of MY presence. Of knowing I don't need your money but I will take it anyways because it pleases me. This is what keeps you coming back. I give you purpose in an otherwise drab exisitance. I give you a reason to live. This was understood by a slut who is totally addicted to me. She told me she tried to stay away but could not. My favorite quote from her was: This must be how a heronie addict feels after a long dryspell. Mmmm she cannot get enough of me, just like you idiots. I know you think of me every moment of the day. Longing for when you can come back to give me even more of your money. Knowing that all the money you are working for will soon be in my perfect greedy little hands.

Goddess has been very busy today as well. I decided to finally set up my new temple. It is on my private land parcel, of course I also have a beautiful skybox fully security enabled to go and relax whenever I feel like it. This is to keep the idiots away who I do not wish to have in MY private retreat. It seems they cannot respect that on thier own. Silly children. I also decided that I wanted to have a beautiful garden for me to relax in should I feel like it. If your lucky you will be allowed to sit at my feet while I chat with my friends and enjoy the breathtaking beauty that is my domain. and most sacred place.

I am still hard at work getting the store ready for you sluts to actually view. This will of course be on a seperate parcel as I like to keep my business and personal life sperate. I am sure many of you are so jealous of scripter subbie because he is allowed to pay for all of it. Mmmmm naughty things be sure your not playing with that tiny little clitty of yours as you daydream that your in his place. Now on to other things. I have a new goal sluts. Now that I have my new laptop I have decided that I want a second one. This one will be nothing to expensive, just a small lightweight laptop with the basics that will allow me to take my writing with me anywhere I go. I am sure many of you have seen that I have a way with words. Well I am working on a novel so of course I need something beautiful to write it on that is not to heavey to carry around. I have my eye on a lovely little sony vio in purple. My favorite color of course. To do this I am setting out a donation jar in my garden, and my temple and you sluts are going to pay for every last cent of it. The target goal is 300,000 linden. Get to donating sluts, I hate to be kept waiting! Just think this is the only way you will ever be allowed to make an impression on my real life, I am sure your tiny little clitties are so hard thinking about it. Then one day you may be able to say to others. I served a famous author in sl and paid for the laptop she wrote her first bestseller on. Not that anyone would belive a pathetic fool like you. *Smirk* I shall be posting photos of the laptop I already have as well as the brand new microphone in the next few days sluts provided that I have some time in my busy life.

Ta ta for now!

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna

Friday, August 22, 2008

A short update

Its late, and I am very tierd but I thought I would post a few of the recent tributes.

wallet ivar - 5k and a new cage

sugar daddy Doc - 10k to go shopping

Slut Natasha - 9k

repentent slut - 10k

latex slut - 10k (6k to my friend)

slaves sunset -1500

Scripter Subbie - 17k (full rent for my two new parcels) and scripts to sell at my new store.

I have another subbie under consideration but I will write more about her tommarow. I am very pleased with how my sl life is going. I am fabulosly spoiled, and adored. LIfe is wonderful!

Ta ta for now!

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna

Friday, August 15, 2008

My new retreat

I have decided I need a lovely retreat to get away from everything. So my sugardaddy friend Doc, and my sweet sissy lexi both at were generous enough to pay for it! Here are photos of my place purrrs...

Isn't it perfect for me? A wonderful blend of Goth, Punk, and Modern. All totally me. I love it!!! It will be wonderful to have a beautiful place to go and relax either by myself, with someone special or with my friends smiles. I am very delighted to say that I adore you Doc! Thank you for paying for the furnishing here smiles. I hope to show it to you in person!

I have decided to take even more control of sunset, ivar and prissy. I rewrote all thier profiles to reflect what I decided they should say. Then I gave ivar a task of what to write in his blog. If you have not read it sluts, go read it NOW! I also made him leave any group I did not think he needed to be in. Many of them were not anything he needed because he now has me. So he does not need to look at anyone else purrrs.

Sissy prissy is now a beautiful shemale slut. I gave her an entier makeover and clad her in latex. Of course I made her buy only the best because I take pride in how my sluts look. I surround myself with beautiful slaves and make sure they look good as they represent my house. Here is a photo of the slut after my makeover. I am sure many of you idiots will be drooling over her. Well you will have a chance to use her for the right price should you contact me and beg enough. For those of you who are not subs who just enjoy the use of a good slut. I have slut prissy and slut sunset ready to be whored out for the right price. You may check out sunset's picks if you see her with me or in a club. It has all her prices. I must say she is quite the talented eager little slut. She has already begged now to suck off the newely made over beautiful slut prissy. Mmmm I think she will need a new name. She is a slut now and sluts are not prissy now are they? I even allowed her to send me money for three new pairs of latex boots, and a beautiful new latex outfit that I still need to pick out. I will be buying that tommarow I think. New photos to come in that as well. I am sure you sluts who adore latex will enjoy them and come crawling to beg to buy me even more. I have my eye on a few new outfits from kayliwulf kingdom latex purrrs. I am also looking for a latex suit for slut prissy that has slut written all over it with the crotch cut out. If one of you idiots can tell me who makes them I just may allow you in my presence for a few moments.

I am very pleased with my scripter slave, I am not mentioning his name here but he knows who I am talking about (this is to protect him from the psychos who stalk my blog.) Not only has he delivered me a few wonderful scripts, but he also had adopted my rl webhost bill. One more thing I do not have to deal with. Such a good slave you are my scripter!

I am still working on the photos of sissy lexi. They should be done this weekend as I have a TON of photoshopping to do anyways for some rl photos of mine. I shall be taking photos of the new laptop in my perfectly manicured hands this weekend, as well as of course photos of my new microphone that I purchased with money I cashed out slaves lindens for. Now you sluts can wank over knowing you made such a small pitiful mark on my rl life. The only mark you can ever make and it was done with money. Money makes the world go round now doesn't it? Mmmm it makes mine go around at least in sl. Mmmm I shall write more soon losers. Keep checking back, and keep your hands off your tiny little clitties, you don't have my permission to jack off on to any photos in my blog now do you?

Ta ta for now!

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Un fair roleplayer and other foolishness

Ha a roleplayer? This is very irritating. I am not roleplaying being a Domina. I am a DOMINA IN RL! What a loser. This idiot paid me 1k for ten minutes of my time (Its my minimum interview Fee). Definatly not enough, shit thats not even going to buy me a decent cup of coffee much less make me want to be someones puppet.When I would not let him make me a puppet and do what he wanted like a common whore he got mad and 'reported' me to the lindens for theft. That is utter bullshit and anyone knows this. But as this is not the first time an idiot has asked for a refund of a tribute (this is the second time) I will state this only once. I AM NOT A COMMON WHORE! I WILL NEVER BE A COMMON WHORE! I DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS OF A TRIBUTE DO NOT EVEN ASK!

That being said everything else is going along just fine. I added a new sissy to my collection of beautiful slaves. I am so excited about this as she is a beautiful little asian thing now that I got done with her. I decided since I had so many european looking sissies I wanted an asian one. Here is a photo of her isn't she beautiful?

Mmm pefection I think. She is sweet, innocent and petite eager little asian whore. As I write this is she on her first assignment which is to suck off a friend of mine. Purrrs, of course like the good little darling she is she complied right away.

The store is now built and I am just waiting on the mic to get here to start recording. For those of you lucky enough to be allowed in my temple I will be testing it out in open chat tommarow night. If the mic comes on time. I shall be hard at work this weekend recording a few stories, uploading them and offereing them for sale. I have a few lovely scripts going up for sale as well. One is wallet raping script. One is for cheap broke losers that allows you to set a limit for what you spend. The other is for good little sluts who know how to dip deep in thier pockets for a Dommes pleasure. Then there will be a new frame that you can put a photo of yourself in to collect tributes from sluts when they are not even online. There will also be a script offered that allows a sub to place a prim, log off and the Domme will be allowed to drain thier wallet even when they are not there! To make sure that only the Domme you want to drain you is the one using you, the script is set up for you to be able to Choose the Domme you wish to drain. However the Domme must be there to set that up. Once its set then you can log out, leave and she can do what she wants. Mmmmm that will be so much fun to use!

I am extreamly excited to have a few new videos on the way. I took a ton of photos of my sissy lexi today and will be photoshopping them and making a video with the stills. There will be a ton of eyecandy for you other lucky sissies to veiw with of course one before photos to show off my wonderful powers of transformation. If you want to be transformed by me you can contact me in world to ask what I require for my time tribute wise. Be very aware that I am not cheap. I have very high expectations from slaves I play with. You will do anything to keep me happy now won't you? Mmm such a good slut then.

My sweet wallet ivar has been ordered to create a journal to document his feelings, thoughts, emotions and experiences in service to me. I am delighted to show you all the link. It will also be in my blogroll. You may find it here, I am off to finish what I need to do, and make sure my sunset did a good job. Want to see me darlings? Come find me in sl

Ta ta for now darlings!

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Time to deversify

I have decided as the wonderfully smart business woman that I am, that its time to diversify my interests to feed my income, and my ever growing bank account. I have always been a firm believer in the saying, "Don't put your eggs in one basket." So now its time for me to expand my empire from just wallet raping you losers, to starting a business. There are a few things I have planned. The first being sissy stories. I am going to be offering the recordings in world for you all to purchase. The second is a match making service. I have always been wonderful at finding people who fit each other. The last a makeover service as a professional stylist. This one has limitless posibilities. So we shall see what happens!

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna

Friday, August 8, 2008

Shopping DIVA!

**quick side note, if you sent me any offlines on the 7th, I didn't get them my ims got capped!**

So another rl friend of mine come into sl today and I decided to sexify her up! I had such a blast doing it on sissy prissy's dime of course. I allowed this slutty sissy to spend time with both of us and pay for it all. Of course I did some shopping of my own! We got my friend Onara a new skin, hair, shoes, clothes, and ao. So she is all set to do whatever she wants! I am so excited to have her in sl. We shopped at a few of my favorite stores! Redgrave, Cake, GothiCatz, and of course WRONG. Nothing but the very best for this Goddess and of course her friends!

So while were we shoping I decided to make my slutty sissy prissy match me haha. So I made him buy this pink outfit and took photos of it. Hahaha then I made him put me in his picks, and his profile of course the photo with me in it! Because I own his slutty ass. Then I decided that tommarow we will be making him into a beautiful slutty shemale that is allowed to wear only the most skimply slutty clothes or be naked on display in its cage so fun! I love it! I am allowing him to buy this awesome latex outfit with cut out crotch, and breasts that says slut all over it. Perfect for him because he is a total slut!! Mmmmm such a wicked thought I have. I am going to whore him out to my friends I think, and of course rape his ass with a strap on.

Tommarow I have big plans. I have so much photography to do. To photograph all my stuff I bought with slaves lindesn for photos. So get ready for it sluts! Goddess will have a few new videos of various items purchased by her slaves. Of course if a special slave bought it for me then I shall definatly name them. Lucky lucky sluts!! Then of course the stuff I shopped for with what I raped from various sluts wallets that were not worthy of being remembered. Hahahaha.

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fabously adored!

I am so very pleased with my sweet lexi today. We went shopping to get her a new wardrobe and of course she spent a fortune on me as well! I was so excited to get new poses for my photography. I will be doing some photos of my beautiful lexi as well to show you wonderful sissies what she looks like now. I think she is gorgeous! I am so pleased to have her beauty represent my house! I am excited to do a video with those photos. I have to say that I am so pleased with how well she did today as well at platinum. Not many knew that she was a sissy and I wanted to show off her beautiful new look. So I took her there to see my friend babes. She was so nervous but she did it anyways because it pleased me. I am very impressed with this and hope she is excited to read about it in my blog. You did so very well my sweet darling! Mistress is extreamly proud of you! My ivar is so sweet, he has decided that if I am not online with him he wants to be locked in his cage to keep him out of trouble. So devoted that darling one is. I am so happy with my sl life and how fabulosly it is going. I love that I have my beautiful slaves to represent my house. Life is very sweet for this Goddess.

This weeks tributes so far

sissy lexi - 10k plus shopping
sissy prissy - 6k
sissy linx - 6500
wallet ivar 5000 plus a new cage

2500 from swiss luke (he is so sweet and tributes me every so often on the order of his beautiful mistress)

Mmmm I shall add more soon my darlings!

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Diamonds are a girls best friend!

Today truly has been a speical day. I also offered my full collar to my sweet lexi. I was so proud of her and I feel that she has earned it with her service to me. So I am proud to annouce that I am now the proud owner of my sweet sissy lexi. My sissy prissy is so cute too. I was not on when he logged on so he locked himself in his cage and left me an offline. I find that so sweet, and I am pleased with how well he follows directions and enjoys the full and total control I hold over him.

I figured out a solution to my problem of how to offer you all sissy stories in secondlife. I was delighted to find a script that allows me to make a prim that you touch to play various clips seamlessly. So I shall have fun with that. Now to go shopping this weekend for everything I need for it. I shall be offereing them in world very soon my darlings! Keep watching for it! I know many of you cannot get enough of MY sinfully delicious voice. So here is your chance to hear it over.. and over... and over again! Luck sluts!

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna

PS: My day got even better! I now have a script that is like the punisher script only in my opinion better! It can be modified to allow another Mistress to use the subbie with you! Perfect for double Domme sessions with money slaves! I plan to offer this in a variety of forms! Keep watch for it! I am also pleased to add the last addition to my personal house. My sweet ceo is under my protection as well as my official scripter! I am a very blessed Goddess! LIFE IS FABULOUS!

**Never fear my darlings, I am still here to wallet rape, and enjoy taking what I want when I want it.**

Update: My best friend and I decided that we are much better as friends. So I am keeping the ring hehe cus I loves it (what girl doesn't want to wear a HUGE diamond!), but I am in agreement with her we are amazing friends and I want to keep it that way.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Sissy Stories coming soon!

Well my darlings I have a brand new way for you to listen to and worship my beautiful voice coming soon! I have been selling recordings in rl for a while. So I decided that I would like to start offering them all to you! I am very excited to be offering this to you as I have a lot of fun recording them, and will be doing them with my brand new microphone paid for with money I wallet raped this month! Lucky you!!!!

My temple is getting another redesign. I decided instead of the eygptian theme, to go with a grunge, goth, punk, victorian theme with a bit of a modern twist. I love it! I am so lucky to have my friend Jenny there to build it for me! She is so talented!

I am very pleased with my sweet wallet. He is now downloading the real restraint viewer and we are getting him the mars ring to go with it so that I can control his entier sl life! I love it! I am thinking about requiring every slave I own to have one. I will give me even more control over you all. Mmmm that will be so hot!

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Classy, sophisticated, beautiful

I recieved the most wonderful compliment a few days ago that I thought I would share here. Many of you know that there has been some drama that has touched my life. Throughout it all I have held my head high, and just went about being myself as usual. So a new subbie of mine told me. "I have read this other persons journal, and went running after that. When I found yours and I talked with you, I felt you handled the situation with such class." Now if that isn't one of the most wonderful compliments I have recivied from a slave I do not know what is. Purrrs. I am enjoying my secondlife more and more now that I have my beautiful family of slaves. I have now under my house collar three who have recived a full collar and two more who are under consideration but whom show great promise. I am delighted to have them for traning and have closed my house collar for any future slaves. This does not mean you cannot serve me financially however. I always have room for more financial slaves. It just means you will not recive anything more then a financial collar meaning you serve me as a paypet.

I am exploring and learing all about machinima with the intentions of starting a video diary for myself in secondlife. I may make it a once a week to a once a month after I learn what I am doing. For now I have to search out the motion capture softwear for videos in secondlife. I plan to make a few live action videos and have fun with it. I am also going to continue with my stills to show off choice bits of my luxuriously exciting secondlife. I just put up a new video two days ago and it has over 300 views! I am sure many of you who have subscribed are watching it over and over again. Good because it makes you even more inspired to serve me and make me happy. So get to watching sluts, and stay watching! I expect many tributes from you for the privelage of seeing my beautiful form in various videos.

My sweet sissies are all growing under my firm yet gentle hand. Sissy linx is always happy at my feet the sweet darling and was thrilled to be put on display to beautify my temple. Sissy prissy is as always enjoying know that I love to humiliate him by making him wear a maids outfit when it is painfully obvious that he is really a man foced to cross dress. His display case is so funny I have him in a really prissy pose. I laugh every time I see it. Sissy lexi is blissfully happy to enjoy my company and adores me in my various looks. My darling ivar is as devoted as ever he even goofs off with me. I have been delighted to meet some of the amazing wemon he calls friends. Its lovely to meet other wemon who have integrity and know what the lifestyle is truely about. I look forward to getting to know all of them as I continue to hang out with them and my darling wallet. Untill soon my pet

lipstick and spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna

Come find my temple lovelies.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Even a Goddess loves to have fun!

This will not be a long post my darlings, subs, slaves and admieres but I wanted to share with you that even a Goddess likes to have fun! With so much work, and no play I decided that it was time for an old tradition of mine! Cow dancing!!! SO I got my sweet wallet ivar, and talked the handsome Shini into dancing with me! Enjoy! *WE SHALL TAKE OVER THE WORLD ON DANCING COWS* (just kidding giggles) Oh and go check out my new video!