Saturday, August 2, 2008

Classy, sophisticated, beautiful

I recieved the most wonderful compliment a few days ago that I thought I would share here. Many of you know that there has been some drama that has touched my life. Throughout it all I have held my head high, and just went about being myself as usual. So a new subbie of mine told me. "I have read this other persons journal, and went running after that. When I found yours and I talked with you, I felt you handled the situation with such class." Now if that isn't one of the most wonderful compliments I have recivied from a slave I do not know what is. Purrrs. I am enjoying my secondlife more and more now that I have my beautiful family of slaves. I have now under my house collar three who have recived a full collar and two more who are under consideration but whom show great promise. I am delighted to have them for traning and have closed my house collar for any future slaves. This does not mean you cannot serve me financially however. I always have room for more financial slaves. It just means you will not recive anything more then a financial collar meaning you serve me as a paypet.

I am exploring and learing all about machinima with the intentions of starting a video diary for myself in secondlife. I may make it a once a week to a once a month after I learn what I am doing. For now I have to search out the motion capture softwear for videos in secondlife. I plan to make a few live action videos and have fun with it. I am also going to continue with my stills to show off choice bits of my luxuriously exciting secondlife. I just put up a new video two days ago and it has over 300 views! I am sure many of you who have subscribed are watching it over and over again. Good because it makes you even more inspired to serve me and make me happy. So get to watching sluts, and stay watching! I expect many tributes from you for the privelage of seeing my beautiful form in various videos.

My sweet sissies are all growing under my firm yet gentle hand. Sissy linx is always happy at my feet the sweet darling and was thrilled to be put on display to beautify my temple. Sissy prissy is as always enjoying know that I love to humiliate him by making him wear a maids outfit when it is painfully obvious that he is really a man foced to cross dress. His display case is so funny I have him in a really prissy pose. I laugh every time I see it. Sissy lexi is blissfully happy to enjoy my company and adores me in my various looks. My darling ivar is as devoted as ever he even goofs off with me. I have been delighted to meet some of the amazing wemon he calls friends. Its lovely to meet other wemon who have integrity and know what the lifestyle is truely about. I look forward to getting to know all of them as I continue to hang out with them and my darling wallet. Untill soon my pet

lipstick and spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna

Come find my temple lovelies.