Monday, August 25, 2008

Decadent Pefection

Mmmmm its only day 1 of me putting out my donation jar to buy that laptop that I wanted to add to the one I already have and of course a lucky slut was allowed to donate 23,000 linden to it. I am sure that there will be more because I gave him one of the most memorable sessions that pathetic loser has ever had. After a slow start, I had to actually guide the idiot through buying linden from sl exchange. How pathetic is that! He sent it all to me in one click. Purrrs I love the power I have over these sluts, so I took him back to my brand new temple and inspected him. Of course I let him know that his cocklett was to small to satisfy a real woman and that he could be more toned, as well as his ass was too saggy. Then I decided to use him. First I humiliated him, then I whipped him, followed by making him beg to be allowed to fuck my beautiful slave sunset. Being as I can be a generous Goddess when I wish I decided that he would be allowed to fuck her . For my amusement of course. Being the sweet eager whore that she is slave sunset was delighted to be of use to me in using this slut. So I instructed him to first allow her to get him hard, then I decided I wanted to see them both 69, of course this ended with sunset getting her tight little ass fucked. From there I made him get my sunset off before he was allowed to get off himself. Of course in rl I made him wear some very lovely nipple clamps until they hurt so bad he could not stand it, then even longer because I felt like it. I am sure he came so hard watching this all purrs, and of course I allowed this because he paid out the ass for it. Shortly after I allowed sunset to go to her new job modeling some wonderfully sadistic devices at DD Designs. She has been a very good slut sending me all the money from her tips when she gets them. I am sure many of you will be wanting to touch your tiny little clitty as you view the photos I have posted. Tsk tsk better go pay your masturbation tax for that privlage sluts!

The more I talk with my sweet scripter subbie the more I am impressed with how well he voices his feelings. I love that I can talk to him about pretty much anything and he is not a total idiot about things. No he is well spoken, intelligent, eager to please and enjoyable to be around long term. Mmmm so delightful. He was treated to quite the rare treat today. My voice on my beautiful new microphone! I am very pleased with it, my voice comes out crisp clear and sounds like heavenly perfection. Another slut of mine that cannot keep away from me first sent me a 1k tribute just because she could not keep away from me. Then when I tped her to me I allowed her to hear me on voice, mmmm this cock slut has now fallen down the rabbit hole with no escape. She is hooked, now she will be hearing my voice in her dreams, she will think of it to get aroused. I am the only thing on her mind at all times, I do feel a small amount of pity for her husband, but only because he is a stupid male who cannot compete with such a perfect Goddess. Of course you will not be seeing a photo of this slut because she has not earned it yet. I was so amused when she had gotten done with our first session, then read her quote in my blog she just had to send me another 1k and come to be wallet raped by me again. I loved it when she told me I was the cruelest woman she had ever met. Mmm I am aren’t I slut? I know you will just beam with pride knowing I blogged about your pathetic ass again. My scripter subbie also had the delight of hearing me wallet rape a subbie on voice. This slut was allowed the privlage of paying to be in my ims and then he was allowed five minutes in my presence. This takes the total tributes today to 40,000 linden. I am sure there will be those who are not doing as well who will be eaten up with jealousy. Such a pity they cannot get on with their own lives and go about their business. It must be so sad for them to know they are so hated because of their own behavior.

My wallet ivar and I had a lovely time today relaxing in my garden after I had set up a beautiful Japanese tea garden set in the gazebo of my lovely new garden. Its perfection, such a wonderful place to relax, enjoy myself, and allow my mind to drift to lovely thoughts of taking even more money from you pathetic sluts. I also was delighted to meet another friend of his, all of his friends are delightful people. The next few days I shall be working on photos for the new scripts I will be offering and of course talking with scripter subbie on more scripts I can use to of course humiliate you sluts even more. I am thinking of a few great ideas, and maybe do some trance things geared at making you my mindless drone. First things first, the voice clips and the scripts I already have are to be put up for sale. I know many of you idiots will be spending a fortune to hear me read you a lovely story all about sissy sluts being forced feminized, humiliated and put to work like good little sluts should, and of course you will also pay a pretty penny to hear me do a pov (point of view) session voice clip for you idiots. Just think now you can listen to my decadently seductive voice over and over again. Such a treat that will be, expecially knowing that this will hook you even more on the most perfect Goddess in secondlife. That’s right sluts I am one of the ELITE, the best, very few can compete with me. This is why all these little wanna be instadommes are running to me hoping I will tell them my secrets. Well here is the only secret you will ever get from me. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Better yourself, know your prey. The rest is up to you. I will never tell you how I became the cream of the crop. Why should I? It was my hard work that did it. So get to reading little girls, or you will never go anywhere. Oh and for those idiots who keep trolling the groups? STOP NOW! Its annoying, not only does it make it annoying and scare off the pigs who do pay good, but it makes you look desperate. Be smart, advertise and know your market. Pity you all are not as business minded as I am. You just might have made it into the big leagues.

Ta ta for now!

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna