Sunday, August 31, 2008

Goal Achived!

Thats right sluts! Goddess achived her goal! Thanks to a very generious donation by my sweet wallet ivar of 8k today I met my goal. Shortly after this purrrs I wallet raped latex slut again for 12k which made me a very happy Goddess. Since you sluts cannot get enough of paying for luxeries that affect my real life, I have decided to set a new goal each time one is achived! This will of course keep you sluts always paying for more! Such a wonderfully generous Goddess I am, allowing you all to contribute to MY life. Mmmm I love that thought. Keeping you all in debt paying and paying and never ending it just to buy whatever I desire. So very yummy!!! The next goal is for you all to pay for a custom corset. I have a huge corsetry fetish purrrs. The way it encases my lucious curves and boosts up my fantastic breasts. OMG I love it! Just thinking about it gets me wet.

My sweet wallet ivar has begged me to allow him to have his very own goal themomater to pay for a new pair of boots and a halloween costume for me. Being as halloween is in 2 months I have decided to allow this. That will give him a month and a half to get to that goal. Such a sweet darling he is! I am going to allow him a photo of me in the costume and boots as a reward. Yes sluts this devoted one is privelaged enough to be allowed to see rl photos of me. Because unlike most of you idiots he is devoted to me not only in sl but rl.

Scripter subbie is so cute! He made me two new scripts that I am going to put up for sale very soon. But since I know a few people read my blog to steal my ideas and my work, I shall definatly be waiting to post what they are untill I have them up for sale officially. Mmm there will be a nice series of fine art prints coming out very soon sluts featuring me and the beautiful Mistress Gillian Xie. Lucky you, you will be allowed to buy them! There will be one large print and one small print sold. No more beyond that, so be prepared to pay a pretty penny for them sluts! They will go quick so careful they just might be sold out before you are allowed to buy them! To bad for you!

Ta ta for now!

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna