Friday, August 15, 2008

My new retreat

I have decided I need a lovely retreat to get away from everything. So my sugardaddy friend Doc, and my sweet sissy lexi both at were generous enough to pay for it! Here are photos of my place purrrs...

Isn't it perfect for me? A wonderful blend of Goth, Punk, and Modern. All totally me. I love it!!! It will be wonderful to have a beautiful place to go and relax either by myself, with someone special or with my friends smiles. I am very delighted to say that I adore you Doc! Thank you for paying for the furnishing here smiles. I hope to show it to you in person!

I have decided to take even more control of sunset, ivar and prissy. I rewrote all thier profiles to reflect what I decided they should say. Then I gave ivar a task of what to write in his blog. If you have not read it sluts, go read it NOW! I also made him leave any group I did not think he needed to be in. Many of them were not anything he needed because he now has me. So he does not need to look at anyone else purrrs.

Sissy prissy is now a beautiful shemale slut. I gave her an entier makeover and clad her in latex. Of course I made her buy only the best because I take pride in how my sluts look. I surround myself with beautiful slaves and make sure they look good as they represent my house. Here is a photo of the slut after my makeover. I am sure many of you idiots will be drooling over her. Well you will have a chance to use her for the right price should you contact me and beg enough. For those of you who are not subs who just enjoy the use of a good slut. I have slut prissy and slut sunset ready to be whored out for the right price. You may check out sunset's picks if you see her with me or in a club. It has all her prices. I must say she is quite the talented eager little slut. She has already begged now to suck off the newely made over beautiful slut prissy. Mmmm I think she will need a new name. She is a slut now and sluts are not prissy now are they? I even allowed her to send me money for three new pairs of latex boots, and a beautiful new latex outfit that I still need to pick out. I will be buying that tommarow I think. New photos to come in that as well. I am sure you sluts who adore latex will enjoy them and come crawling to beg to buy me even more. I have my eye on a few new outfits from kayliwulf kingdom latex purrrs. I am also looking for a latex suit for slut prissy that has slut written all over it with the crotch cut out. If one of you idiots can tell me who makes them I just may allow you in my presence for a few moments.

I am very pleased with my scripter slave, I am not mentioning his name here but he knows who I am talking about (this is to protect him from the psychos who stalk my blog.) Not only has he delivered me a few wonderful scripts, but he also had adopted my rl webhost bill. One more thing I do not have to deal with. Such a good slave you are my scripter!

I am still working on the photos of sissy lexi. They should be done this weekend as I have a TON of photoshopping to do anyways for some rl photos of mine. I shall be taking photos of the new laptop in my perfectly manicured hands this weekend, as well as of course photos of my new microphone that I purchased with money I cashed out slaves lindens for. Now you sluts can wank over knowing you made such a small pitiful mark on my rl life. The only mark you can ever make and it was done with money. Money makes the world go round now doesn't it? Mmmm it makes mine go around at least in sl. Mmmm I shall write more soon losers. Keep checking back, and keep your hands off your tiny little clitties, you don't have my permission to jack off on to any photos in my blog now do you?

Ta ta for now!

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna