Friday, August 8, 2008

Shopping DIVA!

**quick side note, if you sent me any offlines on the 7th, I didn't get them my ims got capped!**

So another rl friend of mine come into sl today and I decided to sexify her up! I had such a blast doing it on sissy prissy's dime of course. I allowed this slutty sissy to spend time with both of us and pay for it all. Of course I did some shopping of my own! We got my friend Onara a new skin, hair, shoes, clothes, and ao. So she is all set to do whatever she wants! I am so excited to have her in sl. We shopped at a few of my favorite stores! Redgrave, Cake, GothiCatz, and of course WRONG. Nothing but the very best for this Goddess and of course her friends!

So while were we shoping I decided to make my slutty sissy prissy match me haha. So I made him buy this pink outfit and took photos of it. Hahaha then I made him put me in his picks, and his profile of course the photo with me in it! Because I own his slutty ass. Then I decided that tommarow we will be making him into a beautiful slutty shemale that is allowed to wear only the most skimply slutty clothes or be naked on display in its cage so fun! I love it! I am allowing him to buy this awesome latex outfit with cut out crotch, and breasts that says slut all over it. Perfect for him because he is a total slut!! Mmmmm such a wicked thought I have. I am going to whore him out to my friends I think, and of course rape his ass with a strap on.

Tommarow I have big plans. I have so much photography to do. To photograph all my stuff I bought with slaves lindesn for photos. So get ready for it sluts! Goddess will have a few new videos of various items purchased by her slaves. Of course if a special slave bought it for me then I shall definatly name them. Lucky lucky sluts!! Then of course the stuff I shopped for with what I raped from various sluts wallets that were not worthy of being remembered. Hahahaha.

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna