Tuesday, August 26, 2008

By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes!

Mmmm such lucky sluts you are, I am so pleased with the money just adding up to that 300,000 linden goal that I decided to finally post those photos of the laptop and microphone you sluts already paid for. Mmmmm such beautiful photos they are! I absolutely love the laptop, and look forward to my even cuter small laptop I can take with me everywhere!! This one here is a top of the line toshiba purrrs. Perfect for what this Goddess needs to play secondlife and of course for homework from her college classes mmmm... beautiful graphics, fast memory and of course a nice big 17 inch monitor, and a massive harddrive, and my favorite part is that it has built in speakers! Subwoofer speakers to boot. I loove looove looove it! My microphone is kick ass too! I sound devine in it purrrrs. I shall be doing some recordings tommarow and uploading them to test out if my way to package the clips will work properly. I am vey excited about it!

Today was such a wonderfully relaxing day, I started it out by heading over to my slave sunsets house. We had decided in rl that we wanted to hang out and watch a movie and of course play around in sl. So I relaxed in my garden for a while, spoke with a few of my devoted followers, and of course checked on my tributes. My sweet darling lexi tributed me 10k while I was offline. It was a pity as I would have loved to see her but I am pleased with her continuing to do as she has promised. Scripter subbie and I chatted a bit on yahoo which was wonderful because I always enjoy his converstations. Then I headed off to work at the new club I work at called Sugar Walls, if you are a generous slut and wish to get my attention you can find me there or at Platinum. Mmmmm it will be delightful to wallet rape you even when I am flirting with real men! After work I relaxed with a new submissive that I really enjoyed talking with. Not only is he intelligent but he is a fan of Shakespear! In fact he has my favorite play quoted in his profile. MacBeth. It was to funny to hear about him say that people actually thought that quote was from Harry Potter! I mean really? Who could confuse the most celebrated and inspired poet and playright in history with Harry Potter!!!!! While we were chatting I had a beautiful angel come serve me. Now this one is special smiles... she likes to be seduced into giving me what I want. Such a challange she is. I enjoy coaxing her into what I want because she knows exactly how to be generous once I have her where I want her, and does not try to direct what I do. Mmmmm now that was a nice break from the normal masochist humliation sluts I normally get. Purrrs not that I don't enjoy them, I love a good mindfuck, but I enjoy more sweet seductions as well. I ended up milking a nice 8k from her in about 10 minutes, then 2k from the new subbie I shall call subbie Shakespear as a nickname because of our shared interest. This will keep all the wanna be domletts from trying to im him and demand money. After talking with him for a while I headed out to make sure slave sunsets interview went well and ended up talking Torque into getting new hair. I was so pleased with myself for finding hair the he liked hehehee. I am good! I am seriously the queen of makeovers! I of course bought myself some wonderfully beautiful new hair paid for of course by one of my devoted followers! Such a spoiled Goddess I am, and loving every single moment of my fabulously luxurious life!

Now on to a mini rant. I understand there are all kinds of people in secondlife. I really do, but to go to someones private temple and troll for slaves... I mean come on! Get a grip make your own temple, find your own way. Work a few clubs, stop acting so desperate and stop spamming groups for slaves. I mean really now if you cannot figure out where you can find slaves, then you really should not be in the lifestyle. There are clubs galore with many slaves that share the same interest. Or you can market yourself. Slaves do not want a Domme who is desperate for money. They want a Domme who does not NEED their money rather takes it because she can. Much more satsifying for both parties. And do not even get me started on proper english. Every time I see ebonics, or 4 u, or r u I want to rip my hair out! Would you seriously want to serve someone who seems illiterate? If english is not your first language and you use it a bit differently that is acceptable, but to type like a 13 year old school girl.. really you sound uneducated and like your just a common gutter whore who thinks that this fetish is an easy way to make money. Well let me break it to you now. Its not, its demanding, draining (in a good way) and takes great skill to achieve the level I have. It takes training, learning, research, ambition and motivation. If you do not have these qualities move on now and stop wasting the time of the serious slaves who become jaded by dealing with idiots like you!

Now my beautiful subs slaves and admirers I shall leave you with a beautiful thought of what its like to serve me. Its your own personal heaven and hell all in one. I will ensnare you, I will beckon you to the mouth of madness and beyond. I will become your everything, your Goddess, your higher power, your only reason for living. So come now my pets.. fall prey to MY glamorous cruelty! I know your just falling to your knees now wallet in hand desperate to hand it all over to me now aren't you?

Ta ta for now!

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna