Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Un fair roleplayer and other foolishness

Ha a roleplayer? This is very irritating. I am not roleplaying being a Domina. I am a DOMINA IN RL! What a loser. This idiot paid me 1k for ten minutes of my time (Its my minimum interview Fee). Definatly not enough, shit thats not even going to buy me a decent cup of coffee much less make me want to be someones puppet.When I would not let him make me a puppet and do what he wanted like a common whore he got mad and 'reported' me to the lindens for theft. That is utter bullshit and anyone knows this. But as this is not the first time an idiot has asked for a refund of a tribute (this is the second time) I will state this only once. I AM NOT A COMMON WHORE! I WILL NEVER BE A COMMON WHORE! I DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS OF A TRIBUTE DO NOT EVEN ASK!

That being said everything else is going along just fine. I added a new sissy to my collection of beautiful slaves. I am so excited about this as she is a beautiful little asian thing now that I got done with her. I decided since I had so many european looking sissies I wanted an asian one. Here is a photo of her isn't she beautiful?

Mmm pefection I think. She is sweet, innocent and petite eager little asian whore. As I write this is she on her first assignment which is to suck off a friend of mine. Purrrs, of course like the good little darling she is she complied right away.

The store is now built and I am just waiting on the mic to get here to start recording. For those of you lucky enough to be allowed in my temple I will be testing it out in open chat tommarow night. If the mic comes on time. I shall be hard at work this weekend recording a few stories, uploading them and offereing them for sale. I have a few lovely scripts going up for sale as well. One is wallet raping script. One is for cheap broke losers that allows you to set a limit for what you spend. The other is for good little sluts who know how to dip deep in thier pockets for a Dommes pleasure. Then there will be a new frame that you can put a photo of yourself in to collect tributes from sluts when they are not even online. There will also be a script offered that allows a sub to place a prim, log off and the Domme will be allowed to drain thier wallet even when they are not there! To make sure that only the Domme you want to drain you is the one using you, the script is set up for you to be able to Choose the Domme you wish to drain. However the Domme must be there to set that up. Once its set then you can log out, leave and she can do what she wants. Mmmmm that will be so much fun to use!

I am extreamly excited to have a few new videos on the way. I took a ton of photos of my sissy lexi today and will be photoshopping them and making a video with the stills. There will be a ton of eyecandy for you other lucky sissies to veiw with of course one before photos to show off my wonderful powers of transformation. If you want to be transformed by me you can contact me in world to ask what I require for my time tribute wise. Be very aware that I am not cheap. I have very high expectations from slaves I play with. You will do anything to keep me happy now won't you? Mmm such a good slut then.

My sweet wallet ivar has been ordered to create a journal to document his feelings, thoughts, emotions and experiences in service to me. I am delighted to show you all the link. It will also be in my blogroll. You may find it here, I am off to finish what I need to do, and make sure my sunset did a good job. Want to see me darlings? Come find me in sl

Ta ta for now darlings!

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Mistress Katanzia Mckenna