Friday, September 26, 2008

aboslutly adored!

"I can be your addiction if you want to get hooked on me."
Yes sluts this Goddess is fabulously adored. Blackmail bitch is outdoing himself, paying out the ass to of course keep ME happy. The other day he asked if I had a wishlist. I do so I gave it to him. Over the past three days he has ordered me a pair of heels, a pair of boots, a new webcam, and this adorable outfit I have wanted for ages. Mmmm yes sluts I am so very worth this. More of you need to take after this example. Not only should you pay to keep me happy but you should shower me with gifts! Lucky for you I am adding them to my link section. So get to buying sluts I have quite a few lovely items on my wishlist. For those of you who buy me shoes, I will send you one RL photo of just my feet in them, or if you send me something else I will send you a photo of me holding it. I will of course not show my full face as many of you are not trustworthy enough to see it. Mmmmmmmm yes sluts this is the only way you will ever make an impact on my RL life. So for those of you who thrive on it get to buying! I shall be posting photos here of the gifts from my blackmail bitch as they get here.

a few recent tributes

1k from silgon
2k from sunset
18k from blackmail bitch, gifts from my wishlist

Ta ta for now!

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