Sunday, September 14, 2008

Blackmail bitch

Thats right idiots, Goddess has a new blackmail slut. Gotta love it. I have milked 75k from this slut so far. Mmmm 30k of it was today. Oh yes I am squeezing this bitch hard, and taking him for everything. I am his only reason for living. So sweet, isn't it knowing he cannot get enough of me? Even if I make him cry because I remind him of what a loser he is. Now sluts I am going to be taking a break when I log onto sl next. I am taking a full day to just relax and be with the one who is most important to me. This does not mean I will forget about you idiots. It just means that Goddess needs a day off and some time to her lovely self.

Mmm segrame is back again. Its so funny I got into his head so bad that he now cannot have normal sex. I am sure he thought I was going to feel bad when he told me that, but instead I just laughed my perfect ass off. I find it fucking halarious. Yes thats right idiots I love causing you pain and suffereing. I get off on it actually. I get wet when I hear you cry, when I hear you whimper from pain I caused to you. I get off on making you pay through the nose. I am sure many of you will see this and your tiny little clitties will get so hard imaging how crule I will be to you. Well sluts hahahahah get used to it, because your going to be paying for the privlage. I will take what I want when I want it.

wallet ivar has been given a new task. Since he is going on vacation to Germany I am going to allow him to send me chocolates when he gets back. Yes he is going to make an impact on my rl life in this way. Such a lucky darling he is. And I absolutely ADORE german chocolate. Its so hard to find here in the US unless you want to go pay out the nose through a specialty store or a catalouge. So I am going to enjoy letting him send me what I asked of him. I am sure he will find some wonderfully delicous ones to send to me. I have a few suggestions from a friend that I told him to get. I also have him buying a butt plug to wear while out shopping. To make it even more embarassing he has been ordered to buy a butt plugg and tell the Shop keep that he is buying it to wear on his Mistress's orders. Then he will have to find a restroom and of course put it in while he is shopping for my chocolate. I love it! So lovely embrassing. Mmmm I can't wait to report on him doing it and taking photos.

Now sluts I am excited to report that I am buying myself a lovely new underbust corset with the lindens I have raped from your pathetic asses. Thats right sluts. Goddess is going to be buying herself another lovely luxurious item. This does not mean that the custom overbust goal is done by any means. It means that I merely have started it over to take advantage of a lovely sale going on at my favorite corset makers. SO get to adding sluts. I want this corset paid for by the end of the month! Tick tock, the click is ticking, time is short and of course I hate to be kept waiting.

Ta ta for now

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna