Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Intelligent, ambitious, driven

Yes my sluts this describes me to perfection. I am all these things. I just love how my slaves appreciate this as well. Its lovely to get exactly what I want just because I know how to get it. Mmm today has been a wonderful day. I logged on to see that my sweet lexi was finally able to make it into sl. She of course paid her 10k tribute right off the bat, then paid the 10k I asked of her to contribute to my new goal.Which is of course a fabulous custom corset. I already know exactly what I want as well. Something in black velvet on one side and red satin on the other. fully reversable. Mmmmm now doesn't that sound delcious? Oh yes my pets it does. I may just decide to do a nice sexy black satin corset, but I have not fully decided yet. I have decided however that it will be of course an overbust sweetheart neckline. Now back to lexi purrrs, I had such a good time chatting with her, and finding out what kept her away from me. While we were talking my handsome sugar daddy Doc, and my beautiful friend Mistress Gillian Xie got on voice and of course we had a blast talking to Gillie about one of the shapes she was using for photography. It was a male shape, she tends to morph when she wants a male shape for an advertisment or photo she is working on. She looked totally flamging gay but omg was it hot! What can I say gay guys have the best taste in fashion! After I was done teasing her she showed me one of the most fanastic photos that she is working on. I had mentioned before that we did a photoshoot of me as a fallen angel and wow its lovely! I can't wait untill its fully finished! Of course there will be two prints and only two prints offered of this particular print. So sluts better get to buying while they are still avabile! She plans to do an entier set of them. So if your lucky you may be able to collect them all!! After Gillie left to go photoshop some more I spent the rest of my time talking with the handsome Doc. Now I have to tell you its always fun to talk with him. He is so intelligent and he can actually understand what I am trying to say most times. We talk about everything from the psychology of a slave, to my current novel. Yes sluts I am writing a novel, one day I will be a published author! Thats right!!! This Goddess has a way with words. So far everyone who has read the first chapter likes it. Before he logged I of course asked if he can contribute to my corset fund, and he has promised I would wake up to a nice 10k donation, he likes to suprise me giggles. Its alway always always lovely to wake up to an offline tribute. Purrrs... Mmm now for those of you sluts who wish you could look as lovely as my salves have been made to look I am going to tease you all with a photo of the beautiful Lexi, I had her wear this gorgous red gown I told her to buy on one of our shopping trips. She is truly such a good slut, I have decided to reward her with this. Even if she is unable to see me during the week she logs on to tribute me. No matter what happens she pays her tribute every week. Every slut should be like that, many of you need to learn to be more pleasing. You all have a LOT of work to do. I am sure you wish you could be as beautiful as she is. Well sluts if you are wishing for a transformation you may im me in world and BEG me to pay for the privlage of being made into a beautiful woman. I am of course looking for sluts who are willing to transform themselves into a woman and whore themselves out for my gain. I have a list of a few clubs that would be perfect to work at. This of course means you must be self motivated to earn as much as you can to feed my greed. Its a pity but not many of you losers are. So we shall see what comes of that.

I am very pleased with my wallet ivar. He has been set a goal of 50k to pay for my halloween costume. Now as its only the begining of september he has some time to go untill I need to buy my costume. So he has been dilligently working to pay at least 1k a day so far to the goal. I just set it yesterday. I think he will keep working after he reads this to get it paid off even more. If you read his blog you will see that he is very excited to be able to contribute to my life in this way. I know I love it! Its one less thing for this Goddess to think about, leaving me of course to focus on how to lure even more if you idiots deep into my web. I love knowing that I am your addcition, your drug, your life, your everything. Mmmmm the rush I get from this is amazing. Yes sluts I truly get off on total control. I get off on taking what I want from you. No matter what it is, no matter how little it is I get off on it. The more the better, but of course if your scraping by in your miserable life just to send me that 5000 linden I am extreamly happy. If your cutting out your weekly coffee or even selling your things to pay what I demand, to feed my greed, to make sure I have every thing my beautiful spoiled heart desires. Then of course I am happy! I will take whatever I want, I will do whatever I want to get what I want from you. Mmmm I just bet you wonder what is going to happen to you? Well sluts contact me and you just may find out! Oh and sluts the wallet script is ready and avaible for sale. Go search for Fatal Passions and buy buy buy! I expect you all to have bought it asap! Don't keep me waiting! I detest that.

Ta ta for now!

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna