Saturday, September 13, 2008

Love is in the air

Oh my sweet sluts, losers, ass whips, subbies and faggots. Goddess has had one of the most amazing days ever. I am in the intial stages of adoration for a new someone in my life. Yes sluts Goddess is now with a REAL Man. Mmmm not only is he smart, educated, a respected business man, but he also can handle the fact that I am a Domina, and have my various pets. So yes losers I will still be around to wallet rape your pathetic asses, and take what I want knowing your paying to contribute to MY luxerious lifestyle while I live the high life as you suffer in misery like the pathetic fools you are. Now I do have to say if none of you have been to the Rezzable sims. YOU MUST GO. They are fantastic! There is a black swam sim, a carnival of Doom (Complete with a health meter and hell if you die that you go to for like five minutes), a really neat ice sim, and of course my favorite the tunnel of light. I have to say these are like nothing I have ever seen before and I want to go again!!! My honey even won me a cool tourtured bear. I will post a photo eventually, if your lucky. While I was on my date I even took a moment to take 45k from a new slut. Hahaha it was so funny to hear the faggot loozer cry on mic. He was truly sobbing with his drunk ass. Hahahah OMG I made him send me 20k just to stay out of mute in one click and of course I made his faggoty ass oink like the filthy pig he is. I gave him a task to send me everything I needed to blackmail his loser self into giving me what I want whenever I wanted it. Mmmm blackmail can be quite sweet.

My darling wallet ivar is so cute. He came in and paid the donation meter like 50 linden at a time totally a little over 3500 today becaue he loved the message I posted for him when he donates. He is on his way to buying those boots for me in rl. Mmmm such a lucky slut he is that is allowed to do so.

Now on a side note I wanted to add. The fight between myself and Goddess Noor is offically over. We have found out that it was not either of us who were doing the things we thought the other was, instead it was a stupid faggot trying to play both sides. I am sure if you read her blog you will read all about his tutu wearing ass. Well we have decided that its time to put the drama behind us. So I do not want to hear anything bad. We shall see how things go.

Mmmm now I am off to dream of passionate kisses, making pigs cry and of course... taking more money from you sluts! I still have a few thousand linden to go on the goal of the custom corset losers. GET TO PAYING on it now!!

Todays tributes

3500 form wallet ivar
45k from faggot loozer

Ta ta for now!!

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna