Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Making you my mindless loser!

Cry baby cry baby cry
Soaking down your
cry baby cry baby
You can’t understand how
I could just kill a man

* How I could just kill a man
- Charlotte Sometimes-*

The past few days have been very lucrative for the most perfect Goddess in secondlife. Loozer just could not get enough of me, all in all I took 100k from this idiot before he decided that he was sorry he had spent so much and tried to threaten ME. It was so funny watching him spam the groups with how much he had paid me and trying to make it seem like I scammed him. I mean really 100k over three days. I must have been doing something he liked for him to come serve me three days in a row. Such wonderful advertising!!! I had a few subs come running to find out if I was as good as he was hinting at, which of course I am! It was so amusing today to log in as well and see an offline from my friend Goddess Jenny that this loser had tried to start shit between us. That was totally laughable, because of course we are best friends and tell eachother pretty much anything. I have to say she and I got a good laugh at his pathetic tributes to her trying to win her over and make her hate me as a friend.

Many of you have seen the many changes my temple has gone through. Well with me moving in with my sweetie, I have decided that it was time for yet another change. I decided that I wanted to do an underwater temple! I of course bought myself some really neat gardening things to put up in the back and will be setting up a whole new layout for the temple. Its going to be a combination of a mermaid garden, with a really cool underwater steampunk building for my main temple. I have other news as well for you sluts, I know a few of you think its annoying to buy lindens. So now you will be able to pay me the equvilent of what you would pay in lindens via a new payment system I found that is specfically for adult credit card billing. I will be putting up signs in my temple that will allow you to this. Not only can you set up a one time payment but you can also set up a subscription payment for those of you who wish to adopt a weekly or monthly bill. Mmm isn't that lovely? To have it all automated so that you don't even have to think about it for it to feed my greed? I know I absolutely adore that thought. So coming soon there will be that payment option.

I am very pleased with sissy lexi, not only does she pay her tribute weekly, but she pays it even if she cannot see me. She simply logs on and pays me. Such a good sissy wallet she is. More of you idiots should be like that. I get so tierd of having to remind you about that. I should NEVER have to remind you to tribute to my beauty. For those of you other sissy sluts out there, I am looking for more dolls to add to my collection. So if your worthy I will allow you to beg me to allow you to take me shopping and give you a makeover. This will include you buying me whatever I desire, as well as buying whatever skin, hair, and clothes I tell you to, as well as a 2500L$ tribute to show me your serious. I suggest you have a good amount in your account be cause I have very expensive tastes. Mmm now on to other things, cock slut is back and as always we discussed what she is worth. Mmmmm being my human atm is her very favorite thing I love it! Sugardaddy Doc as well came on using precious battery power just to see me. I thought that was so sweet of him! It was so nice to see that he was ok and the was doing great! I can't wait for him to come back and let me know he was ok! I had some new cute pink latex I bought just to tease him in! He was a little worried about where he fit in with my new happening, but I assured him he will always be my kinky minded, intelligent sugar daddy who I have fun talking about the culture of sex and politics with. I miss our converstations Doc!!!

A few recent tributes

10k from sissy lexi
2k from cock slut
3k from Sugar Daddy Doc
20k from blackmail bitch
1k from nylon sissy
8k from hairslut

Ta ta for now!

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna