Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Miss me losers?

Mmm of course you did! Well of course Goddess has been very busy spending the money she has taken from you losers! Today in fact I went shopping and treated myself to some new clothes and a lovely dinner. All of course with money I made cashing out the lindens I took from you!

I am sure many of you have noticed my absence. Well sluts it was simply this. I was tierd, I have a cold and it was getting worse, and I needed some sleep. That and of course because I had school starting.

Coming back however has started off quite nicely purrrs. I logged in to find that my sweet darling lexi had sent me a tribute while I was offline. I am growing to love them. I need to try to get her to start getting online more. I would love to spend more time making her into my little dress up doll. After I had been on for a little bit hair slut imed me and told me she missed me. So I decided to allow her to join me and of course I took full advantage of her hair script. Mmmmm I have to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. So yummy to yank her hair and have money rolling into my account. Once I was done with her my sweet jaycie imed me. Now I have not seen her in forever. So we decided to go shopping. I was feeling in a goth mood so I of course bought myself some of the most delicous goth clothing. A new latex outfit, and of course, new shapes, and hair. Such a lovely life I live. I am sure you are all rock hard thinking about how I spend the money I take from you. Such a treat that I blog about it here don't you think sluts? Mmm after I was done shopping I dragged my jaycie and her friend akira back to my skybox and took a photo of us all gothed out. Don't we look lucious? Of course we do! I am sure you wish you were kneeling in front of us handing over everything you have. Purrrrrs lucky for you all who enjoy a beautiful Gothic Goddess I plan to do a new video with a few of my new gothic outfits.

A few recent tributes

12k from hair slut
10k from sissy lexi

Ta ta for now!

Lipstick and spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna