Thursday, September 4, 2008

Oh the control!

Yes sluts thats right. I have complete and utter control over your lives! Take cock slut for example. Purrrs I mentioned that I had a paypal account. So of course she got all hot and let me know that she would send me money there too purrrs so of course I allowed it! She only sent a pathetic 10US but ha! Its the control of that, that even in her rl she is using means beyond sl to feed my greed totally made me love it! Mmmmmm the more I take the more I want! My insatiable greed will never be satisfied. Purrrrs the more I take from cock slut the more she wants to give me. I love that she wishes she were single in rl. So she could spend hours working, then come home and work the streets spending the rest of her time waiting to hand it all over to me in sl. Selling everything she has except for a sleeping bag, a chair and her computer. To send me even more. Knowing that I live in luxery while she lives in poverty. Mmm now thats what a true slut should crave. To provide and give everything to thier Domme. Pity many of you sluts do not understand that. I am very pleased with my goal right now purrs. Its adding up fast, but not fast enough get to paying more sluts!!!

I had such a lovely time today with a new sissy that took me shopping. She of course paid me for the privlage and we gave her a lovely makeover. She had to go before it was finished or I would have a photo of it for you all. I shall get one when I see her next. I got her two looks as I think I am going to keep her and whore her out. Yes sluts I plan to collect a few of you sissy sluts to whore out for my gain and benifit. Now isn't that such a treat! Mmm while I was giving her the makeover we bought me the skin, hair and clothes in the picture with this entry. Don't I look fantastic? Of course I do. I always look beautiful.

A few recent tributes

10k from Sugardaddy Doc - He kept his word and I woke up to a lovely offline tribute. So hot!!!

8k from latex slut. Mmmm I love just taking taking taking!

3k + money to my paypal from cock slut.

5k + Shopping by sissy A

Ta ta for now!

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna