Saturday, September 20, 2008

Shy subbie, blackmail bitch and a new contract.

Oh yes sluts I now have a few more of you to blog about who have tributed to my DIVINE perfection. I will start with shy subbie, now this sweet darling came to see me while I was dancing at my other job, and apparently has been so taken with me for a while that she asked if I would session with her every once in a while. I of course agreed because she is into a lot of the same things I am when it comes to my particular style of domination. So I am interested in seeing where this goes. Hair slut new newly named blackmail bitch has been tributing me almost daily now I love it! Purrrs so today we talked about our mutual interest in blackmail as I was wallet raping her. I decided to allow her into a contract where she will pay me 15k a month (plus whatever I drain from her on a regular basis) with a 1k a day late fee should she be late for a year with an automatic one year extention. So for two years now. We are starting this tommarow. So every month on the 21st she will be paying her monthly fee. Mmm I am really begining to get into the blackmail fetish. So yummy to have that total control. You really cannot ever get out from under that smiles, then there is the thrill on the subbies part. Mmmm knowing I can with one click ruin everything, but choose not to because of course your paying me to keep it quiet. That fear is so addictive isn't it? That loss of control has you so hooked on me doesn't it? The way I get into your head, and find out what makes you tick. Of course it does.

Now a little eyecandy. Such lucky sluts I am going to share my latest tributes from the past 3 days with you!

37k from blackmail bitch
6k from shy subbie
10k from slut natasha
5k from sligon + Shopping
2k from slaev sunset

Ta ta for now

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Mistress Katanzia Mckenna