Friday, September 5, 2008

So very sweet!

I got the sweetest im from sugar daddy doc today! He decided that he was going to cut his cable since he wanted more money to of course lavish on me! When I asked him about it he told me that I had inspired him with my last blog entry. Oh I am so good at being so bad! I love it! Wallet ivar is still going strong on his goal, I am very pleased with his progress. I have a reward for him though, as someone else already has paid for my halloween costume. (MY rl boy slut levi) I plan to lower his goal to just a pair of boots. I have picked out the perfect pair! I of course showed them to my sweet wallet and he loves them! He can't wait to see MY perfect legs and feet in them. Mmm of course this has been another lucrative day for this lovely Goddess. I have a new slut I play with every so often I shall simply call hair slut. Its so much fun because I yank thier hair and money rolls into my account. OMG its hot!!!! Even better is when I take money she bends down and kisses my foot, and even more rolled into my account. So very very lovely! I have decided a way to use one of my new scripts with scripter subbie. I am going to have him add the money for my land rent, and then set it up to send me linden every so often. I love that idea purrrs. Knowing that the script simply takes the money out, no clicks from me, no permission needed from him (other then the initial one) and voila minutes later Cha-Ching!!! When I mentioned this idea to him the was very excited. Mmmm I am such a spoiled lovely Goddess.

Now sluts there has been a change of plans regarding my second laptop. Its not that I didn't wallet rape enough from you sluts to pay for it. Oh no its not that purrrs because of course I did! Its that the one I want is no longer avaible for sale. So I have simply decided to invest in a few new things for my current laptop. Such as a very nice backback to carry it in, and of course a brand new desk to put it on! Only the best for this Goddess!! I am sure you are all dissapointed that I was not able to buy the laptop I want but of course its not up to you what I do now is it? I know it will make your little clitties hard to know that I am using it for other things to add to my luxerious life, and of course make my life even easier! I will post photos of what I get of course purrrrs. Mmm I know you will all enjoy that!

My goal of a custom corset is getting there sluts, but of course its never fast enough for me. I want what I want when I want it! So get to paying for it now! So far its at 29% but should be at 100% chop chop!! I want to see it there asap!! I have already chatted with my corset maker and made plans to make a beautiful over bust black satin corset. Droool, he is gathering everything we need to make it of course! I am so excited thinking about the beautiful satin drawing my waist mmmm making my lucious hips sway from side side... I of course have promised a photo to two of my sweet sluts who donated to it. My wonderful sugardaddy doc and my sweet wallet ivar. Mmmmm I bet you all wish you were privlaged enough to get one as well. Well to bad! You are not. One thing I do have to say about this being custom is that it will fit me like a glove. It has always been a dream of this Goddess to have a fully custom corset. Purrrs a dream you sluts are going to make a reality because of course you will do anything to keep me happy now won't you?

Ta ta for now!

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna