Thursday, October 30, 2008


I am finally getting around to posting the photos of the beautiful gifts blackmail bitch has bought me recently. Still waiting on a few of the newer items but with my recent move my mail needs to take a moment to catch up to me. So enjoy sluts, because you will never be good enough to actually see me in them like blackmail bitch has been allowed to via my webcam.

Once again blackmail bitch has proven his loyalty and devotion to me. Not only does he pay his monthly contract fee of 15k a month in sl. But he is now going to be paying my monthly cellphone bill. Such a lucky slut he is! After reading about ivar paying for another one of my bills I was delighted he asked to be permitted to pay for one of mine. So of course I allowed it. Now he is in yet another way making my life much easier. Such a good slut he is. Many of you may wonder why I blog about him so much. Well to put it simply he does things that are worthy of blogging about. Want to see yourself in my blog? Then make a good tribute to me. Something at least 1k if not more, or buy something off my wishlist, even write me a poem or take a photo of yourself kneeling in my temple and praying. So many different ways you can prove your devotion to me. Now get to paying sluts, I want my wallet full when I log onto sl.

Ta ta for now!

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sacrifice it all!!!

Give it all up for me. Give up your eating out, your cable (keep your internet), your smoking, anything you can consider a luxery give it all up for me. Then take that money and spend it on me. Afterall MY money should never be spent on you now should it? Blackmail bitch understand this well as does my wallet ivar. He is now giving up smoking so that he can send me the money he would otherwise spend on himself. I like this idea, giving up one addiction to focus on another. Today was a blast, I did more shopping with blackmail bitch. He ordered me a beautiful top I can use to go out to the bar in, or just going out and looking nice, and of course more nylons. Purrrrs. Ivar is being allowed to adopt a rl bill of mine. He asked what I had that was around 100US a month so I am allowing him to pay for my grocery bill. One more thing I will not and should not have to concern myself with. Many of you should learn from this, they know thier place is at my feet, wallet in hand giving it all to me. Makeing sure I live the life I deserve.

I am still waiting on my corset to get here. It should have already shipped but I have my mail on hold until my change of adress goes through later this week. Then I plan to take the hold off and of course be happy that I am getting my things again. This friday is halloween sluts so I may if my corset is in on time, post a photo of myself in the beautiful geisha girl outfit (provided thats in as well) with the corset nipping in my beautiful curves. I am so pleased as I have dropped yet antoher dress size! All this walking is doing wonders for my figure, so sluts I may just need a new wardrobe. Lucky for you I just may allow you to beg me to buy it! Of course I will be auctioning off my old clothes to you sluts and permitting you to have items of clothing that belong to me, and have graced my body. Speaking of which blackmail bitch finally recived the package of my panties. He even made me a wonderful wall paper of him sniffing them. With the comment that he cannot get enough of my scent. I think I shall start selling my panties to you idiots. So if you beg me enough, I just may give you a price!

Ta ta for now!

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna

Monday, October 27, 2008


Yes sluts thats right Goddess recived the lovely suprise of flowers from her blackmail bitch! I will put up photos once I have some time to do so. But its lovely to sit here as I write and smell the beautiful perfum of them emanating in waves of beautiful scent.

So much has happened since I last blogged. First I have a big move to a new apartment in RL. This was why I was not around for a few days. The second is that I am starting a brand new community. Its a Financial Domination Community. This will be different then anything in SL. Not only will it be a strictly FemDom community, but we will be voice verifying the Dommes we allow to have full membership. So new and old slaves alike can come and be secure in the knowladge that every verified Domina is indeed a real woman in RL. I love that idea. We plan to also screen them for a true and genuine intrest in financial domination as a fetish, and BDSM. To add to this we require all Domina, and slaves to take classes on the rules, the lifestyle, and Financial Domination. Now we can't cover it all but we do give a good overview of what everything is about. I want this to be a place where all can enjoy the financial fetish, but also more importantly a community if people who are genuninly into the lifestyle. So far things are looking wonderful on that front, and there is a great interest in what we are doing. We plan to open on november first. So for those of you who are interested stop by! Grab an application, or if your a submissive join the groups!!!! We would love to see you there!

Ta ta for now!

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A lovely surprise

Just when I was having a horrible day my sweet blackmail bitch leaves me an offline that totally cheered me up! He bought this beautiful costume for me. I am posting a photo of it to show off what he bought me because I love it so much!

Ta ta for now!!

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

To fucking funny

So again this insta domme spams the group looking for piggies to abuse. *GAG* So I decide to be nice and im her. So this is the following convo. Its to fucking funny. Before I show it to you check out what her profile had to say..

Name: Common whore

Im here to explore, have fun and shop

I dont care much about this virtual world as others do but i enjoy it,i dont care about virtual businesses or serious friendships here, but i do like to chit chat and hang out...

anyone can fuck me anytime for 290l (yes thats how i can buy me a bitch if you want...)

*ROLLS LAUGHING AND WIPES THE TEARS OUT OF HER EYES* You have got to be kidding me right? But NOPE, I am serious. This is her actual profile. SO I decide to be nice. yeah me being nice right? And im her to tell her she could get a job as an escort and earn more. Here is what followed. (right before this we had a breif convo about how. Money for sex is an escort. She thinks its only if she works in a club. Now had she been a sugar baby with a SD I could have seen that. Thats a lifestyle not sex for money, but really.)

To follow the TOS I am altering the name of the other person.

[2008/10/21 20:47] common whore: they buy me something and i make them happy

[2008/10/21 20:47] Katanzia McKenna: for 290?

[2008/10/21 20:47] Katanzia McKenna: No thats just stupid thats not even a 1us

[2008/10/21 20:47] common whore: usually yes

[2008/10/21 20:47] Katanzia McKenna: I make 20k and don't even take my clothes off.

[2008/10/21 20:47] Katanzia McKenna: Or have sex. So there are other ways to go about making money.

[2008/10/21 20:47] common whore: well i dont care much about this stupid world, and that amount of money is enough

[2008/10/21 20:48] Katanzia McKenna: Then you will never make it as a Money Domme

[2008/10/21 20:48] Katanzia McKenna: I can tell you that right now.

[2008/10/21 20:48] common whore: umm that makes me sad?

[2008/10/21 20:48] Katanzia McKenna: You keep spamming the groups its annoying. Find another way to make money.

[2008/10/21 20:49] common whore: how about fuck off and mind your own businesses, bitch?

[2008/10/21 20:49] Katanzia McKenna: Mmm this is why I pull in 800us a month and you don't.

[2008/10/21 20:49] Katanzia McKenna: I have class

[2008/10/21 20:49] common whore: well and i have a life which you prolly dont

[2008/10/21 20:49] Katanzia McKenna: Smiles thats what you think.

[2008/10/21 20:49] common whore: be happy pixel dommy

[2008/10/21 20:49] Katanzia McKenna: But ok

[2008/10/21 20:49] Katanzia McKenna: Smiles I am a RL Domina too

[2008/10/21 20:50] common whore: So yes I do have a life sweetheart. I just enjoy fucking with domlets like you.

[2008/10/21 20:50] common whore: well you do nothing just entertain me, just like a clown at a circus so keep doin it

[2008/10/21 20:50] Katanzia McKenna: Mmm really?

[2008/10/21 20:50] common whore: mmhmm

[2008/10/21 20:51] Katanzia McKenna: well enjoy having your time wasted and of course being a common whore. I shall enjoy being the classy woman I am in both RL and Sl

[2008/10/21 20:51] common whore: claps

OMG hahahah who wants to serve that?

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20k from blackmail bitch

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Fin Domme is not an Escort!

This is probably MY biggest rant ever. I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate, (get it by now?) HATE IT! When I am told that because I have a fetish that involves money I am no better then a common whore. Now before I go further I have no issue with an escort. If your going to sleep around hell why not get paid for it. Everyone who goes into that has thier reasons for it. However I do have issues when an escort tries to get into financial slavery thinking its easy money. Its not. Its a lot of time, a lot of effort, and of course a lot of research to learn what the hell you are doing. I have been in this lifestyle for eight years now. Most of that as a Domina. In that time I have researched, learned things, asked questions, and done what I needed to. I am always learning more, and am never afraid to practice this lifestyle safely, sanely and consensually. There is nothing wrong with taking a slave to the edge and back. There is nothing wrong with being indulgent when a slave has made you happy. That does not make me an escort. Escorts typically provide thier customer a fantasy. A service in which they have SEX with thier customer. A financial Domina does not have sex with her slaves. She is unatainable. The Goddess they look up to. The DIVINE being who gives thier life meaning in various ways. Just because they sacrifice for me, and give up luxeires to make my life easier does not mean I am taking money for pleasure. It means I am living the life I deserve on the sacrifice of the submissives who are in my life. They make ME happy. They think about ME before themselves. An escort thinks of her client first. Not the other way around. Not just on a side not before I end this rant. I do not lump a Pro Domina in with an escort. They are entierly two different things.

Ta ta for now!

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna

Friday, October 17, 2008


I am sure many of you already know this, but october is breast cancer awareness month. So I have a task for all of you. When shopping for something you need or want BUY PINK! And support breast cancer research. Or do some research on the web and buy from companies who are proud to support the Susan G. Komen for the cure foundation. You probably want to know why this is important to me. To put it simply there have been many in my life who have been affected by breast cancer. Two of my grandmothers, my godmother, my aunt, and my biological mother. I have seen first hand the devastating effect it can have, as well as the beauty in the strenght of those in my life who fought it and survived. Anything you can do to support this cause will make me very happy. I am sure you want to make me happy now don't you? On a

Ta ta for now!

Lipstick and spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna

Recent tributes

Blackmail bitch surprised me with a beautiful pettiecoat in light pink , a dark pink pettiecoat, a dark pink halter top, and striped nylons. I am very pleased with him! Photos coming soon!

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The power of PINK!

Lately for some odd reason this Goddess has become obsessed with the color pink. So being the beautiful demanding Diva I am, I graciously allowed blackmail bitch to buy me a pink dress, some beautiful pink nylons, and a pink pettie coat off my wishlist. I plan to wear the pettie coat with my underbust corset for halloween. I think I shall put a new spin on the succubus costum and wear pink and black, instead of red and black. Then to my delight, he also picked something out for me as a surprise and ordered it. I have no clue what it is yet, but he will recive photos of me in it. I even sent him a photo of my legs in nylons he purchased for me, as well as heels, and a pair of boots. Such a lucky slut he is! Not only does he still come to me for almost daily drainings, but he pays two weekly bills and a monthly payment of 20k on the 21st. Mmmmmmmm such a lovely devoted darling he is.

Some of you are going to be very jealous. Slave sunset got something most of you never will a RL session with MOI! Yes sluts she got to worship my beautiful heels in person and caress my nylon covered legs. Of course she was not allowed to do anything else. But I decided after knowing me for ten years I would be wonderful and allow her that small privlage. I am sure you will all be dying to hear more about it. Well get to paying and I just may post more!!! She also got the privlage of having sex with a wolf for my pleasure. Yes I have a new slave I will call woflie. He is under consideration. Today I made him dress up as a wolf, and take the beautiful sunset on a bed in my temple. It was so much fun ordering them around and making them fuck eachtoher. Expecially because they both know they will never be allowed to pleasure me in that way. Mmm yes sluts, I am the UNATAINABLE GODDESS of your wildest dreams and your worst nightmares. He was so eager to be usefull that he sent the last of his account to me. Its not much but he is a poor student, so I am pleased with his eagerness to serve in any way I desire.

The other worthless loser I blogged about last time is back for more. Crying that I am taking so much of course. He even had the nerve to log out after I gave him the order to pay! Trying to be strong, which of course didn't work. He logged back on and paid me double! Yes sluts I made him pay me double what I orded him to. All in all I took a good chunk from him. I belive this time I wallet raped him for 10k. Mmmmmmmm

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10k from worthless loser
26k from blackmail bitch, plus gifts off my wishlist

Ta ta for now!

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The siren of your undoing

Come... a beautiful siren song beckons you. Drawing you closer to your destruction. The soft sound, and wonderous beauty before you makes you drop to your knees wallet in hand. Please Goddess you beg. Let this wallet give you everything... so come sluts fall prey to my beauty, my intelligence, my wickedly creative mind. Come fall prey to MY glamorous cruelty!

Ta ta for now!

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Materialistic Goddess

I am sure you sluts have noticed that I have not blogged in about a week. The answer to that is I have been to busy shopping with your money to blog! So I have decided to graciously allow you to see photos of what I bought. Such lucky lucky sluts! I of course also have photos of the wonderful gifts blackmail bitch sent for me. Just think sluts you have the opportunity to make an impact on my rl life by making sure I have everything I want from my wishlist. So get to buying losers, you know I don't like to be kept waiting. Mmmm now losers get ready for photos of my new bed, beautiful new pink sheets, Nintendo Ds, and of course the lingere outfit and heels blackmail bitch bought for me. (The outfit came with the sweetest note too!)

Last night was so much fun. I had yet another loser fall prey to my beautiful voice. I of course valuing my time highly charged the idiot 1k a minute to talk with me. It was so funny watching him try to resist ME. Then finally admitting he was a worthless loser who cannot fight such a superior Goddess. Of course he cannot fight me. I am very good at getting you losers to beg to hand over everything and more! I am sure many of you by now know that most of you with the exception of my personal slaves, are only as good to me as your wallet. Yes sluts, your wallet. I realize you all slut around, unless of course your one of my beautiful devoted ones, so I take what I want and toss you away like the weak willed worthless idiots you are. Mmmm yes sluts come beg to hear my voice. Come beg to fall prey to my cruelty. And while your at it take out your wallet and beg to send it all to me. Yes sluts you will beg, and I will take it. So stop fighting it, give into temptation. It feels oh so good.

I am sure many of you sluts will get jealous over this, but blackmail bitch has been allowed to have something personal of mine. Yes idiots I sent him a pair of panties that graced my DEVINE curves, and of course because he bought me a webcam, and I was feeling generous have allowed him to view my beautiful face on cam. Oh yes sluts I have no problem when feeling generous doing cam. Ivar was lucky as well to be able to talk with me while seeing me on cam the other day too. They both earned it by dedication and wonderful service to me. Not only do they put me first, but they are always thinking of ways to make me happy. Take that as a lesson to all you do me sluts out there. This is not about you. Its about ME, making ME happy, making sure I have everything I want, and of course making sure you are suffereing and cutting out your luxeries to make sure MY life is luxerious, lavish, and wonderful.

A few recent tributes

6k in shopping from ivar
16k from blackmail bitch
15k from worthless wallet

Ta ta for now!

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna

Friday, October 3, 2008

fabulous friday!

Yes idiots this Goddess had a fabulous Friday! I woke up to yet another beautiful gift from my blackmail bitch. The past two days I have recieved, a beautiful pair of chrome stilleto heels, and a new lingere outfit. I am very pleased with blackmail bitch. He was allowed to see my beautiful face on the new webcam he purchased for me. Then of course I was off to the mall to shop with the money I made from wallet raping you losers. I had such a fabulous time buying my friend Onara two pairs of pants and shoes, then of course buying myself two pairs of jeans, a dress, three tops, and a sarong. I also went and resized and old ring I used to wear in highschool that I simply love. The guy who owned the store, was so taken with me that he did it for free! Yes sluts I am THAT FABULOUS. Even people who are not slaves want to give things to me or do things for me. Mmm such a lovely life I lead. Now sluts that overbust corset still has not been paid for. Get to paying! Oh and my handsome Doc, I am 1000 times more interesting then that stripper you tipped. It was delightful to log onto your tribute to my perfection. I hope to see you soon!

Of course sluts there is more shopping in the future! I am redecorating my room. First I am buying a bed. Slave sunset is taking me out to purchase it. Such a lucky girl she is, that she is allowed to serve me in RL too! I shall allow you photos once its all done and is looking as perfect as I am. Want to go and help decorate? I will be adding more things to my wishlist. Lucky sluts who do decide to decorate will be mentioned in my blog.

Ta ta for now!



Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A little eyecandy!

Some of the lovely gifts that blackmail bitch was permitted to buy me have arrived! So I am allowing you all a little eyecandy to see what I recived.

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10k from blackmail bitch and above presents
2k from sunset