Friday, October 17, 2008


I am sure many of you already know this, but october is breast cancer awareness month. So I have a task for all of you. When shopping for something you need or want BUY PINK! And support breast cancer research. Or do some research on the web and buy from companies who are proud to support the Susan G. Komen for the cure foundation. You probably want to know why this is important to me. To put it simply there have been many in my life who have been affected by breast cancer. Two of my grandmothers, my godmother, my aunt, and my biological mother. I have seen first hand the devastating effect it can have, as well as the beauty in the strenght of those in my life who fought it and survived. Anything you can do to support this cause will make me very happy. I am sure you want to make me happy now don't you? On a

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Blackmail bitch surprised me with a beautiful pettiecoat in light pink , a dark pink pettiecoat, a dark pink halter top, and striped nylons. I am very pleased with him! Photos coming soon!

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