Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Fin Domme is not an Escort!

This is probably MY biggest rant ever. I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate, (get it by now?) HATE IT! When I am told that because I have a fetish that involves money I am no better then a common whore. Now before I go further I have no issue with an escort. If your going to sleep around hell why not get paid for it. Everyone who goes into that has thier reasons for it. However I do have issues when an escort tries to get into financial slavery thinking its easy money. Its not. Its a lot of time, a lot of effort, and of course a lot of research to learn what the hell you are doing. I have been in this lifestyle for eight years now. Most of that as a Domina. In that time I have researched, learned things, asked questions, and done what I needed to. I am always learning more, and am never afraid to practice this lifestyle safely, sanely and consensually. There is nothing wrong with taking a slave to the edge and back. There is nothing wrong with being indulgent when a slave has made you happy. That does not make me an escort. Escorts typically provide thier customer a fantasy. A service in which they have SEX with thier customer. A financial Domina does not have sex with her slaves. She is unatainable. The Goddess they look up to. The DIVINE being who gives thier life meaning in various ways. Just because they sacrifice for me, and give up luxeires to make my life easier does not mean I am taking money for pleasure. It means I am living the life I deserve on the sacrifice of the submissives who are in my life. They make ME happy. They think about ME before themselves. An escort thinks of her client first. Not the other way around. Not just on a side not before I end this rant. I do not lump a Pro Domina in with an escort. They are entierly two different things.

Ta ta for now!

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Mistress Katanzia Mckenna