Saturday, October 11, 2008

Materialistic Goddess

I am sure you sluts have noticed that I have not blogged in about a week. The answer to that is I have been to busy shopping with your money to blog! So I have decided to graciously allow you to see photos of what I bought. Such lucky lucky sluts! I of course also have photos of the wonderful gifts blackmail bitch sent for me. Just think sluts you have the opportunity to make an impact on my rl life by making sure I have everything I want from my wishlist. So get to buying losers, you know I don't like to be kept waiting. Mmmm now losers get ready for photos of my new bed, beautiful new pink sheets, Nintendo Ds, and of course the lingere outfit and heels blackmail bitch bought for me. (The outfit came with the sweetest note too!)

Last night was so much fun. I had yet another loser fall prey to my beautiful voice. I of course valuing my time highly charged the idiot 1k a minute to talk with me. It was so funny watching him try to resist ME. Then finally admitting he was a worthless loser who cannot fight such a superior Goddess. Of course he cannot fight me. I am very good at getting you losers to beg to hand over everything and more! I am sure many of you by now know that most of you with the exception of my personal slaves, are only as good to me as your wallet. Yes sluts, your wallet. I realize you all slut around, unless of course your one of my beautiful devoted ones, so I take what I want and toss you away like the weak willed worthless idiots you are. Mmmm yes sluts come beg to hear my voice. Come beg to fall prey to my cruelty. And while your at it take out your wallet and beg to send it all to me. Yes sluts you will beg, and I will take it. So stop fighting it, give into temptation. It feels oh so good.

I am sure many of you sluts will get jealous over this, but blackmail bitch has been allowed to have something personal of mine. Yes idiots I sent him a pair of panties that graced my DEVINE curves, and of course because he bought me a webcam, and I was feeling generous have allowed him to view my beautiful face on cam. Oh yes sluts I have no problem when feeling generous doing cam. Ivar was lucky as well to be able to talk with me while seeing me on cam the other day too. They both earned it by dedication and wonderful service to me. Not only do they put me first, but they are always thinking of ways to make me happy. Take that as a lesson to all you do me sluts out there. This is not about you. Its about ME, making ME happy, making sure I have everything I want, and of course making sure you are suffereing and cutting out your luxeries to make sure MY life is luxerious, lavish, and wonderful.

A few recent tributes

6k in shopping from ivar
16k from blackmail bitch
15k from worthless wallet

Ta ta for now!

Lipstick and Spanks

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