Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The power of PINK!

Lately for some odd reason this Goddess has become obsessed with the color pink. So being the beautiful demanding Diva I am, I graciously allowed blackmail bitch to buy me a pink dress, some beautiful pink nylons, and a pink pettie coat off my wishlist. I plan to wear the pettie coat with my underbust corset for halloween. I think I shall put a new spin on the succubus costum and wear pink and black, instead of red and black. Then to my delight, he also picked something out for me as a surprise and ordered it. I have no clue what it is yet, but he will recive photos of me in it. I even sent him a photo of my legs in nylons he purchased for me, as well as heels, and a pair of boots. Such a lucky slut he is! Not only does he still come to me for almost daily drainings, but he pays two weekly bills and a monthly payment of 20k on the 21st. Mmmmmmmm such a lovely devoted darling he is.

Some of you are going to be very jealous. Slave sunset got something most of you never will a RL session with MOI! Yes sluts she got to worship my beautiful heels in person and caress my nylon covered legs. Of course she was not allowed to do anything else. But I decided after knowing me for ten years I would be wonderful and allow her that small privlage. I am sure you will all be dying to hear more about it. Well get to paying and I just may post more!!! She also got the privlage of having sex with a wolf for my pleasure. Yes I have a new slave I will call woflie. He is under consideration. Today I made him dress up as a wolf, and take the beautiful sunset on a bed in my temple. It was so much fun ordering them around and making them fuck eachtoher. Expecially because they both know they will never be allowed to pleasure me in that way. Mmm yes sluts, I am the UNATAINABLE GODDESS of your wildest dreams and your worst nightmares. He was so eager to be usefull that he sent the last of his account to me. Its not much but he is a poor student, so I am pleased with his eagerness to serve in any way I desire.

The other worthless loser I blogged about last time is back for more. Crying that I am taking so much of course. He even had the nerve to log out after I gave him the order to pay! Trying to be strong, which of course didn't work. He logged back on and paid me double! Yes sluts I made him pay me double what I orded him to. All in all I took a good chunk from him. I belive this time I wallet raped him for 10k. Mmmmmmmm

Recent tributes

10k from worthless loser
26k from blackmail bitch, plus gifts off my wishlist

Ta ta for now!

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