Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sacrifice it all!!!

Give it all up for me. Give up your eating out, your cable (keep your internet), your smoking, anything you can consider a luxery give it all up for me. Then take that money and spend it on me. Afterall MY money should never be spent on you now should it? Blackmail bitch understand this well as does my wallet ivar. He is now giving up smoking so that he can send me the money he would otherwise spend on himself. I like this idea, giving up one addiction to focus on another. Today was a blast, I did more shopping with blackmail bitch. He ordered me a beautiful top I can use to go out to the bar in, or just going out and looking nice, and of course more nylons. Purrrrs. Ivar is being allowed to adopt a rl bill of mine. He asked what I had that was around 100US a month so I am allowing him to pay for my grocery bill. One more thing I will not and should not have to concern myself with. Many of you should learn from this, they know thier place is at my feet, wallet in hand giving it all to me. Makeing sure I live the life I deserve.

I am still waiting on my corset to get here. It should have already shipped but I have my mail on hold until my change of adress goes through later this week. Then I plan to take the hold off and of course be happy that I am getting my things again. This friday is halloween sluts so I may if my corset is in on time, post a photo of myself in the beautiful geisha girl outfit (provided thats in as well) with the corset nipping in my beautiful curves. I am so pleased as I have dropped yet antoher dress size! All this walking is doing wonders for my figure, so sluts I may just need a new wardrobe. Lucky for you I just may allow you to beg me to buy it! Of course I will be auctioning off my old clothes to you sluts and permitting you to have items of clothing that belong to me, and have graced my body. Speaking of which blackmail bitch finally recived the package of my panties. He even made me a wonderful wall paper of him sniffing them. With the comment that he cannot get enough of my scent. I think I shall start selling my panties to you idiots. So if you beg me enough, I just may give you a price!

Ta ta for now!

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna