Monday, November 17, 2008

Random thoughts...

My mind is full or random thoughts tonight. Such as what I am doing with my life. School is wonderful, I am pleased to say I passed both my classes. Which was a relife for me. I am on my way to my webdesign degree yet! I plan to take a few more classes such as dreamweaver ect. If I can find them.

blackmail bitch is still doing wonderful. He just bought me the most beautiful dress. Its strapless with black lace edging in a soft pale pink. I can't wait to do a photo shoot with it! He also bought me these kick ass over the knee socks, and crushed velvet thigh highs. I looooooove velvet. The way it feels, its softness caressing your skin, making you feel like the beautiful vixen you are. Mmm oh yes I am in lust with velvet.

I have decided that I wanted to change blackmail bitches contract payment. Instead of paying me in sl, since I am raerly on anymoer he is now in charge of my rl cell phone bill. As long as he keeps upw ith that, he will be safe purrrs, and he will remine mine. I am sure he will, he is a wonderful slut that one. I am excited to be able to spend a bit more time with my slaves this next week before the holidays and my school starts up again. Oh yes sluts I have more schooling to do.

I have decided that I want to explore secondlife. I want to experience new things, make new friends and maybe find that one person I adore. SO my devoted pets get ready to be pleasing me. Blackmail bitch keep up the goodwork!

ta ta for now!

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