Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sl transtion to rl

So I have been blogging a lot about rl things my sl subs do. I have finally decided that the three in my rl are now not just sl subbies, but rl subbies. Because they make a difference in my life both in sl and rl. I enjoy this. Its lovely to have my rl bills paid for by a subbie simply because they wish to make my life easier. I enjoy having acess to ivar's cam all the time to know where he is, or when he is home ect. I enjoy talking with ceo about everything, and then knowing each month I have money coming into my account for my webhost bill, and my land bill. Mmmm such things make my life much much easier, and free me to think about more important things like school, and how I am going to wallet rape more from losers in sl. The Community is coming along nicely. As of today we are opening up for applications. So I am hoping that will turn out well. I must go for now sluts.. but I thought I would leave you with the eyecandy of my recent tributes.

Blackmail bitch- 70US, a cute new halter top
scripter subbie- 85 US for my landbill