Sunday, January 25, 2009

Evil Goddess Duo

I am having the time of my life in SL. Since coming back from a long break due to school, I have found that you sluts are even more eager to serve then when I left! So much has happened, I met a new Domme friend who I aboslutely adore. Goddess Zazel, fuck with her sluts and you fuck with me? She and I mesh very well style wise. So we decided to team up and wallet rape you fucks together. Yes losers, for the lucky few who can afford us you will be able to experience both of us together. Mmmm I love it! Not only is she beautiful, intelligent, and kick ass, but she cracks me up and makes me laugh! I never fail to have a good time when she is around!

Last night we had so much fun. The slut I blogged about previously came to serve us both which turned out to be sooo funny! He kept cracking jokes about how raw his ass was after we raped him with our strap on, we also made him fuck a dildo horse for our amusement and sing barbie girl again. To top this off he was mooing, oinking, and ooking like a monkey for our amusement. He is a definatly cashcow, piggie boy, paypet. GRINS. Poor thing got a little overwhealmed with the both of us, but once he calmed down he was back for more! We are that addictive sluts! Yes we are that good!

This morning was lovely, I woke up to a tribute from my best slut blackmail bitch. He read my blog, and just had to go tribute right away to my trip to cali, only 190k left to go bitches! I want to see this in my account asap! blackmail bitch I am pleased with you!

I have a brand new home, and temple now. I decided I wanted something more softer and zen, so because I love japanese themed homes, I went and bought a beautfiul japanese tea house sort of home. It is sooooo pretty! I even have a wonderful lilly pond that I can sit and mediate near. With a private room just for my enjoyment. I wanted my temple to be seperate so I now have a gorgous japanese tea house set up. There is even a photo in which you can kneel and worship my beauty, and meditate on what it is to serve me. Now sluts get to going to my temple!!!!

Ta ta for now!

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Your a pretty pretty princess!

I had the most fun today I have had in a while. I had a fag I play with on ocassion find me at my temple in the most rediculous get up. This of course made me laugh, so I decided he was a pretty pretty princess fag. Thats right he is a loser fag. I am sure he will just be rock hard at the shame of being exposed on my blog. After all loser faggots deserve to be exposed. So of course wanting to be amused I first humiliated him on voice.. at of course 1k a minute. Yes sluts I charge 1k a minute for voice, and I get it because I am so very worth it. Just to hear my delicous laughter at your pain and suffering. Knowing I get off on your humiliation. Mmmm yes its so very lucious all that suffering and crying for my amusement. After humiliating him for about ten minutes I pulled out a dance pole from my inventory and of course made him dance for me. I belive sluts should definatly have to humiliate themselves and pay for it at the same time. Nothing sweeter then wallet raping a slut hard while he degrades himself. Then after I had him dance for a while I made him get on voice and sing barbie girl. Listening to his faggoty voice singing on voice made me laugh so hard I cried! Yes I literally cried! Now enough about this fag. I have more important things to blog about.

Blackmail bitch continues to be my top bitch. Not only does he send me whatever I ask, but he does so glady and thanks me for it! It was so cute to see him on cam today wearing a pair of MY pantyhose that I graciously sent him as a reward for his hard work. I even wrapped it up in a hot pink envelope and of course with a cute girly lable. I still have him on hormones of course, we are seeing how big his boobs will get, and how soft and feminine his figure will become. I am molding him into the perfect sissy slut. Love it!!! So now back to why I am pleased with him. I decided I wanted to go shopping today so he sent me 100US to buy myself a new outfit. I of course went out right away and bought myself the most lucious black calf lenght skirt, and a deep red empire waistline shirt to go with it. Needless to say I look DEVINE in it. Then I went and found a cute pink top with a little zip up vest, and polkadots, and a new hoodie I wanted, since of course its almost spring. With my new slimmer figure I wanted to redo my wardrobe. So I may after going through my clothes and figuring out what I don't wear allow a few of you sluts to purchase some of my old things that are now to big for me. Such a lovely privlage that will be!

Slave sunset is doing wonderfull. After taking her on as my personal slave in rl she has done nothing but spoil me rotten. With gifts, dinners, and more. I am very impressed with her and shall have to post a photo of the awesome striped sweater she bought me. Not only is is PINK! But its striped! I loooove stripes!

School is going wonderfully, yes sluts thats why I have not been around much. I am doing something with my life, and educating myself. There is nothing hotter afterall then a beautiful, intelligent, educated woman. I one day in the near future will have my own small business designing websites. I am going for a dual major in Graphic Design/Web Programming. I plan to do a dual bachlors Degree in both. I am very pleased with how my art class is going. SO far I have 3 a's and counting. I am doing quite well in my Computer class as well. I should get a's and b's this quarter. Making me a very happy Goddess.

Now sluts I have a new goal. I plan to do a trip to califorina to meet my best friend in the near future and your going to pay for it. Get to tributing! You can find the tp to my temple in my profile on secondlife. I am sure you will all love knowing that your paying for me to have a nice luxurious trip. I am collecting tributes for this asap!

I am very pleased to say that history has been offically made. The 44th president has now been sworn in and I am impressed with both his speech and the way he is already making an impact in washington. I agree that change must be made within to be made without. I shall be following the news to see what other changes he can make and hope that in the next two. three years the economy will improve under his quidence. I thank the Goddess that the world was ready for change!

Goddess Exchange is still sl's hottest financial slavery spot. Come on down and meet the girls, find a Domina you enjoy and pay pay pay!!!! I am off now to watch Repo: The Gentic Opera, which I am uber excited to see. Its a very artsy movie, a Rock Opera actualy which combines two of my passions, cinmea and music. (I am a classically trained vocalist of 13 years) I shall have to tell you all what I think of it!

Ta ta for now!

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Girl effect

Monday, January 12, 2009

Beyond Addictive

This fits me perfectly. I am beyond addictive. I am the habit you can never kick, your drug, your addiction, your life, your religion your everything. Yes sluts I am that good. I love it when I have a pathetic slut in front of me wallet out paying for me to remind him that I can't fucking stand him. Yes thats right I can't stand you unless your paying me and of course paying me big. Some of you lucky idiots are able to actually see me and serve me in my rl. Its a pity more of you can't earn that privlage.

I started blackmail bitch on hormones and am delighted to say he is already experiencing some tingling in the breast area. He is going to be a sexy little sissy bitch in no time! I will be picking out his very first bra with him. Such a privlage that is! Such a wonderful time in a sissy sluts life! Don't you wish you were in his place? I am sure you do!

Ta ta for now!

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna

Monday, January 5, 2009

Fabulously a Goddess

I am in the most wonderful mood today. Blackmail bitch has gone beyond what he normal does, and has tributed me the most beautiful lingere plus another 10k. I shall take photos very soon of it to post of course. I am so pleased with blackmail bitch right now. In fact he is gettting a pair of my nylons worn by of course my beautiful self. Such a lucky lucky slut he is!

Recent Tributes

From blackmail bitch

70Us for cellphone
30Us for lingere
50us for lingere
10k in lindens for my spending pleasure

MMmm such a lucky slut he is to be able to pay for all that! I am still collecting for that custom corset I have my eye on. Get to paying for it sluts. You can find me now at either my temple in world, just look through my picks or the Goddess Exchange. A brand new fin slavery club and the best in sl. Not only do we have the most beautiful girls. But they are all indeed voice verified femeals. What other club can say this> NONE! So get down there sluts and get to paying. I want this place hopping!!!

ta ta for now!

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna