Sunday, January 25, 2009

Evil Goddess Duo

I am having the time of my life in SL. Since coming back from a long break due to school, I have found that you sluts are even more eager to serve then when I left! So much has happened, I met a new Domme friend who I aboslutely adore. Goddess Zazel, fuck with her sluts and you fuck with me? She and I mesh very well style wise. So we decided to team up and wallet rape you fucks together. Yes losers, for the lucky few who can afford us you will be able to experience both of us together. Mmmm I love it! Not only is she beautiful, intelligent, and kick ass, but she cracks me up and makes me laugh! I never fail to have a good time when she is around!

Last night we had so much fun. The slut I blogged about previously came to serve us both which turned out to be sooo funny! He kept cracking jokes about how raw his ass was after we raped him with our strap on, we also made him fuck a dildo horse for our amusement and sing barbie girl again. To top this off he was mooing, oinking, and ooking like a monkey for our amusement. He is a definatly cashcow, piggie boy, paypet. GRINS. Poor thing got a little overwhealmed with the both of us, but once he calmed down he was back for more! We are that addictive sluts! Yes we are that good!

This morning was lovely, I woke up to a tribute from my best slut blackmail bitch. He read my blog, and just had to go tribute right away to my trip to cali, only 190k left to go bitches! I want to see this in my account asap! blackmail bitch I am pleased with you!

I have a brand new home, and temple now. I decided I wanted something more softer and zen, so because I love japanese themed homes, I went and bought a beautfiul japanese tea house sort of home. It is sooooo pretty! I even have a wonderful lilly pond that I can sit and mediate near. With a private room just for my enjoyment. I wanted my temple to be seperate so I now have a gorgous japanese tea house set up. There is even a photo in which you can kneel and worship my beauty, and meditate on what it is to serve me. Now sluts get to going to my temple!!!!

Ta ta for now!

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna