Sunday, February 22, 2009


I love love love to read! My current book lust being the Anita Blake novels by Laurel K. Hamilton. She has a way about her with her words. There is nothing like losing yourself in a world that you can almost belive is real! SO I was telling my blackmail bitch that I would love to go book shopping. That I was in the mood to do some good reading. Well he made the cutest comment! "Can I spend my money to make you happy, to buy new books?" Of course I will allow that. He is so sweet to me always thinking of my happiness and how to make sure I am living the life that I deserve. That brings the total tributes this week from him alone to 20k in lindens and 140US to go out and go shopping alone! I am so pleased with him that he is getting a speical treat! I am sending him a pair of heels that I own, that are to big for me. Of course they graced my beautiful feet when I tried them on, so now he will be wearing something I wore! Love it! I love the idea that he will prance around in MY heels. MMmmm and of course he earned it by paying out the nose to keep ME happy! After all isn't this what its about? Making sure I am happy, that I have everything I want, everything I desire? Yes its about suffering and barely making your bills to make sure I am happy! I want it all!

I have decided for my next goal that I want to go to Germany. What is in Germany you may ask? Well a special subbie I would love to meet and spank in person! He knows who he is! So sluts its your job now to make sure I have enough money to go whenever I feel like it! I have a goal meter for 1 million lindens set out. So get to paying it asap! I hate to wait. I want to see how fast you can make this happen for your Goddess. I want to see how much you will suffer to make sure I can travel the world!! Living the lavish lifestyle I deserve. I am sure you all are willing to make that happen now aren't you?

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna