Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Molding a mind

Mmm today was very interesting. I had an old slut im and thank me for molding him into what he is today. Its lovely to know that I made an impact on him, intelligent, commanding beautiful MOI! Yes sluts I am very good at what I do. No matter what is said by idiots who may not understand what this fetish is truly about. I understand. Not only do I do this on sl. I am this in RL. I don't play the Domina. I am a Domina. A TRUE DOMINA. Its amusing to know that he now focuses on a womans pleasure, and actually knows his place. To go to work, and earn money to support the lifestyle of a woman. Because of course he will never be a real man. Now I am off to enjoy the rest of my day, its beautiful out and I want to go for a walk. I just had to gloat about the impact I made on yet another sluts life.

Ta ta for now!

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna