Sunday, February 15, 2009

a wonderful vday

Vday has been so wonderful, not only am I partnered now to someone I adore! But blackmail bitch sent me even more roses! I am sitting here looking at them with a huge dopey smile on my face. Yes slutlettes I love roses. They are so beautiful, what Goddess does not enjoy getting flowers? Mmmmm and to make it all even better is I made my goal! Yes bitches I am going to california in may! Mmmmm sunshine, beach, and play parties here I come!!!!!!! I am so very pleased with blackmail bitch, the past week alone he has tributed me 80k for my goal, and sent me roses twice. Now how many of you sluts are that attentive? NONE! I mean really its not to hard to devote your life to pleasing ME. Oh well we shall see how many of you want to be mentioned in my blog hard enough.

Slave sunset is doing quite well also, she is taking me on a vacation in Rl the end of this month, with all kinds of romantic surprises for me. I am very excited about this, I shall be spending an entier weekend being pampered and adored just as I should be! Mmmm I even have a wonderful surprise planned for sunset. A scene from my favorite novel The Claiming of Sleeping beauty. If you have not read that, then you must! I simply adore the way she writes, and think personally that Anne Rice must be very kinky in her day to day life to have such an imagination as to how things should work in the D/s world. To bad there is not any place like that. I would love to live in such a world, to be Queen of such a domain. Mmmmm such lovely lovely thoughts.

Ta ta for now!

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