Friday, March 13, 2009

Hungry homo, cuckolding and other such things

So I have an older slave I have played with a few times that has now been recrisined (or however you spell it) Hungry homo. I work at a new club called Princess Parasdise and I have to say I love it! So he was there with myself, Princess Sera, PrincessAndrea who of course made him do all kinds of shit. The girls had already started by the time I got there, so after giving him a break we decided to make him go get bleach. Now bleach as you know burns like a mother fucker, so he grabbed a sponge along with the bleach and we made him give himself a sponge bath. Listening to his cries of pain made us laugh so hard! From there we made him get salt to add to the pain by rubbing it all over the bleach burns. From there of course we were nice and allowed him to go get ice to rub it all down and make it all better! God I laughed so hard I cried!

I have been increasingly interested in cuckolding lately more so due to a new slut I shall name closet fag. Now this guy has made me laugh so hard with all the stories of what his ex girlfriend has done to him. My favorite story was how she got him to fuck another man just so he could go down on her. Its amazing what a slut will do just to get a taste of a woman. Purrrrs. Now of course this makes me wonder how many of you idiots are into cuckolding. The thought of not being a real man, because of course your to tiny to actually fuck a woman properly. Not that I would ever consider fucking a slave. I just like the idea of going out to a bar, finding a real man and making my slave pay for me to get drunk with a stud, and then make him listen or watch as I go back to my place and get laid properly.

Tributes the past week have been fabulous, keep up the good work sluts! No I won't be posting a screenshot, I feel no need to prove myself, my word is enough now isn't it?

Ta ta for now
Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A lovely weekend

This last weekend was amazingly lovely. I ended up going out of town with sunset to spend some time in my home town. Of course being the spoiled Goddess I am sunset paid for the entier trip. From taking me out to dinner, to giving me some kick ass massages and a pedicure. She even had a surprise for me. A Jane Seymour open heart necklace. I love it! In fact I have not taken it off since I allowed her to put it on my gorgous neck. However sunset was not the only one with surprises for I had one for her. I sent her out of the room for a moment and scattered roses everywhere. When I let her back in, in this adorable pink lingere outfit I picked out for her, complete with pink lace top fishnets she was ordered to her hands and knees. Then from there I proceeded to order her to take all the roses, one at a time in her mouth and put them in a designated spot, with me right behind her paddling in hand paddling that cute ass. I have to say it was one of the most lovely secens I have done to date. I had her flying subspace in no time and was myself flying in Domme space. Isn't she such a lucky subbie?

Blackmail bitch continues to be as devoted as ever, with tributes galore. I have decided to reward him with another package. This time heels, a pink lingere outfit, and a pair of my panties. Such a lucky lucky slut he is! Many of you will never earn this privelage now will you? None of you are good enough.

I am uber excited, I bought the most amazing camera today! I plan to invest in a printer scanner so I can scan some of my photos to show to all you sluts, since its a film camera. I already have a kick ass digital camera. I bought a 35mm pentax ashai. Paid for of course by the money I wallet raped from you sluts this past month. Lucky you! Getting to contribute to something that makes me so happy. Getting behind a camera lense is like a zen moment for me. Nothing but focusing to capture that perfect moment. Very meditative. I forgot how much at home I felt when taking photos. I plan to take some photography courses, and may end up majoring in photography. Or at least minoring in it. Webdesign being my first love of course. Well I am off to relax for the final day of no class before returning to my busy schedual! I shall update again soon sluts!

Ta ta for now!

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna