Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A lovely weekend

This last weekend was amazingly lovely. I ended up going out of town with sunset to spend some time in my home town. Of course being the spoiled Goddess I am sunset paid for the entier trip. From taking me out to dinner, to giving me some kick ass massages and a pedicure. She even had a surprise for me. A Jane Seymour open heart necklace. I love it! In fact I have not taken it off since I allowed her to put it on my gorgous neck. However sunset was not the only one with surprises for I had one for her. I sent her out of the room for a moment and scattered roses everywhere. When I let her back in, in this adorable pink lingere outfit I picked out for her, complete with pink lace top fishnets she was ordered to her hands and knees. Then from there I proceeded to order her to take all the roses, one at a time in her mouth and put them in a designated spot, with me right behind her paddling in hand paddling that cute ass. I have to say it was one of the most lovely secens I have done to date. I had her flying subspace in no time and was myself flying in Domme space. Isn't she such a lucky subbie?

Blackmail bitch continues to be as devoted as ever, with tributes galore. I have decided to reward him with another package. This time heels, a pink lingere outfit, and a pair of my panties. Such a lucky lucky slut he is! Many of you will never earn this privelage now will you? None of you are good enough.

I am uber excited, I bought the most amazing camera today! I plan to invest in a printer scanner so I can scan some of my photos to show to all you sluts, since its a film camera. I already have a kick ass digital camera. I bought a 35mm pentax ashai. Paid for of course by the money I wallet raped from you sluts this past month. Lucky you! Getting to contribute to something that makes me so happy. Getting behind a camera lense is like a zen moment for me. Nothing but focusing to capture that perfect moment. Very meditative. I forgot how much at home I felt when taking photos. I plan to take some photography courses, and may end up majoring in photography. Or at least minoring in it. Webdesign being my first love of course. Well I am off to relax for the final day of no class before returning to my busy schedual! I shall update again soon sluts!

Ta ta for now!

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna