Friday, April 24, 2009

Blackmail bitch video

So I gave blackmail bitch a task to make a video of him spanking himself. Here is the result!!! Such a good bitch he is, getting this done asap! I love it!!!

Download it here!!

I am so very pleased with my blackmail bitch! He tributed me 270us for my montly cellphone bill and my birthday which is coming up! You have a ways to go bitches to catch up with his devotion! He is mine now and forever!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gone for a while!

So many of you may have noticed I have been gone for a while. I am sure you are all wondering what the hell is going on but hahah I am not going to tell you! Its nothing to concern yourself with. Now while I was gone blackmail bitch sent me some wonderful photos of himself in the items I sent him. So I decided to share and expose him with them on my blog!!! And yes he peed himself in these photos. How fucking halarious is that? he even sent me a video of it!! hahahah fucking laughed my ass off when I watched that. Such an amusing little pet my blackmail bitch is. I am very pleased with him. His tributes are coming regular and on time. He knows how pleased I am with him. Here are some more photos he sent me, of course I can't post a few due to 2257 laws but I will post what i can purrs. I love that he will expose himself for me in this manner just for my amusement.

We had such a blast today at princess paradise. PrincessAndrea, Sera and I all decided that it was music night. So guitar hero (thats what I will title this particular slut) got on mic and played for us, this of course made me want to sing. SO I got on mic and sang some evanesence, hungry hungry homo was lucky enough to hear as well. Once I got done I was glad to hear the goregous voice of PrincessAndrea. So sluts not only are we talented Domina, but we are talented in many other ways!!! Isn't it wonderful to see that? I am sure it is, I know many of you get tierd of the same old, your only here to pay and leave bullshit. I think you are here to pay and then stay and amuse me! I can't stand attention whores though. So if you want to take up all my time and only pay me pennies not happening. Is this understood? Good! Now onto other news, I finally decided to go get myself my first tattoo in RL. Paid for of course by you sluts! Mainly blackmail bitch, good going slut! I shall post photos of it when I am done in my blog. Lucky sluts you get to see it, I am sure your so turned on by thinking its on a part of my body that is intimate but think again. I am getting it on my upper back.

Ok time for a mini rant, I am getting so tierd of drama queens. You know the ones who have to post about, obesses about someone and then go after them and sabatouge them by any means. I mean really thats just toxic. This saddens me because the person doing this is supposed to be a nursing student. Would you want someone like that treating you? I don't think so I know I sure wouldn't! God, I shudder at that thought. I feel so bad for any of her future patients. I am sure she will not make it far. hahahah, its amusing though to hear what others say, mainly oh thats ones a nut case, she is toxic, yadda yadda... unlike her I won't post her name in chat, not even a nickname. Hahahah because I know she reads my blog and OMG there will be a new post as soon as this is read. LMFAO

For those of you who wish to see me you can start by going down to Princess Paradies and enjoying the beautiful Dommes and Escorts there. If your lucky I will grace you with my presence and allow you to pay to hear all about MY thoughts, wants and wishes. I am off to finish up my lovely rl errands, ta bitches!

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna

Friday, April 3, 2009

Updating soon

I shall be updating soon, I have been very busy with my rl. Wait for it bitches!