Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Birthday Princess`

Thank you to all of you who made my birthday to special for me! I had a total blast. I came home to a wonderful offline from black mail bitch and roses!

Aren't they pretty?? I think so! I love getting flowers! Epecially roses! So what did I do on my birthday? Well I went out of course! First I went shopping and then to the bar to party on blackmail bitches money. I bought the most adorable zebra print and hot pink heels, along with another pair of white pinup heels. Then a pair of simple black pants, and two different fishnet shirts. LOVE LOVE LOVE Them! I had a blast shopping, all of course paid for by my devoted blackmail bitch. Keep going bitches and one day you just may be able to compete with his devotion. Now for you lucky sluts who read my blog I have decided to post photos of my feet in my new heels!!!

Aren't they perfection!! I have such a HUGE heel fetish. I love love love heels. Now sluts I have an offer for those of you who enjoy buying used heels. If anyone is interested in buying some post a comment on my journal. They will come with five photos of my feet in the heels as well as a personalized note. You may pay me either via paypal or via lindens. I will have at least three pairs of boots and heels avaible all of them worn by MOI! Once there is interest I will take and post the photos of what I have for sale. Which of you lucky sluts will be allowed to purchase them? I am thinking that I will allow them to go for 100US a pair. This being of course that I will be going out and buying even more shoes with the money! Or you may beg me to buy them for me. Or even go to my amazon wishlist and buy more! Lucky lucky sluts!

Sl has been fabulous for tributes. The club is doing very well, control subbie has been showing all of our beautiful laides how much he really adoes us! The girls love it and of course we are always ready and willing to wallet rape lucky bitches such as yourself. I belive Princess Sera is even going to allow the girls to auction off panties for you panty sluts! So search for Princess Paradise in search and get your pathetic asses down there!!

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna


Princess Seraphine said...

awesome ! :) love you! can't wait to see more pics!