Wednesday, May 13, 2009


A special friend of mine SD Doc turned me onto a lovely new website called denyingthumper. Its a blog of a man who cheated on his wife, so to repair thier relationship they started chastiy training. Now lately those of you who are close to me in my life know what he did, but sunset has done a few things to hurt me. And no to answer the question, he didn't cheat on me. So upon reading this website I decided I was going to turn sunset into a cuckold using chastity training. Now how this will work, is that I will keep him in chastity. I will decide when he gets to cum, and when he is allowed release. I plan to combine this with spanking, ect. I am very excited also at the prospect of finding a Dominate lover. I find that sex between two Dominates is very passionate and exciting. Both struggling for the control. I am going to enjoy rubbing in to sunset how much he fucked up and how he is going to suffer mentally, physcially and emotionally.